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Many companies are making it their duty to recycle and reduce their carbon footprint. This is wonderful, but what about everyday citizens? Although they are many campaigns promoting recycling, many people fail to discard their cans, bottles, plastics, and paper items correctly. We should all make it a priority to recycle, the Earth is our home and its our duty to keep it healthy.

Your Carbon Footsteps

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Take a stroll around a park or any public space and you will be sure to see people eating and enjoying the cool breezes. In some cases, most of the garbage from these citizens are tossed into the same trash cans or even left on the ground. Designated trash cans can be found every where, so there should be no reason not to use them. People that collect cans and bottles for the return deposit, will usually dig through garbage bins and find many of these items amongst the trash.

Tossing your garbage in the proper receptacles is the simplest thing anyone can do to reduce their carbon footprint. Whether you are barbecuing in a park or camping in the woods, be sure to bring along blue and black garbage bags with you. By doing this you can separate your trash so you don’t have to dump everything into the same can. If there is no designated trash bin for your cans or bottles, you can simply leave it in the blue bag next to the regular trash. Who ever empties the garbage bins will notice the recyclable items and dispose of them correctly.

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Many people are unaware that old cell phones, computers, and appliances should also be recycled. Some companies will gladly accept these items and dispose of them for you the proper way. In some cases you may be able to receive money for your old cell phones. Therefore it is worth to do some online research before you toss these items.

Attention To The Cause
Public opinion, media attention, cartoons, lobbyist, and government officials, have all rallied together in promoting recycling and bringing attention to global warming. Many landfills in the United States have closed but with more individuals opting to recycle, landfills can be a thing of the past. Some states like Texas and Missouri have kept nearly 2.6 million tons of waste products out of landfills since they launched a recycling program.

The Melting Ice

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No one can deny that our planet is going through a changing process: ice caps are melting, lakes and rivers are drying up, storms are getting stronger, and unseasonable temperatures are becoming more normal. Some say that this is a natural process the Earth goes through. This argument relies heavily on the fact that the planet has seen rising temperatures and numerous ice ages in the past. Others are saying that through neglect of the environment, we are accelerating the process. Recycling uses less energy than making products out of new materials, hence less energy will equal less green house gases in our atmosphere.

A Day To Reduce Waste
In 2010 President Obama declared November 15 to be America Recycles Day. Around the country events are held where people can bring items to be recycled. So on November 15 be apart of the movement and recycle something. However don’t just do it for that one day, continue throughout the year. Take care of the Earth and it will take care of us.

America Recycles Day