Keep your computer files safe from damage or loss


Just Cloud Automatic BackupCredit: javrsmithHave you every had a computer crash and lost all of your files? Most people have. Luckily, computers are extremely reliable so crashes are very rare. They do still happen, unfortunately. Think about what a crash would mean to you. All of your computer storage would be lost. Your photos would be gone. Your email messages would be destroyed. Your address list would go as well.

Do you backup your computer? Many people do but they don't do it often enough. Even if you are diligent and you backup weekly, you could still lose quite a few files. Why not use available technology to automatically backup over the Internet Cloud? Your computer can use a reliable online service to take care of the job itself.

Existing Backup Options
Back in the earliest days of personal computing, large hard disks could be backed up with floppy disks. A stack of media could easily hold the contents of the disk. In time, disks have become larger and larger. The digital files have become larger and more common as well. The modern media most often used for backup is the writable DVD. These disks can hold nearly 3GB of data. Since modern hard disks may be 1000GB in size, or more, a full backup might require 200 to 300 DVD disks. Each disk is used once for the backup. This is a good way to save data permanently, but it is a difficult way to backup a system.

Some people purchase a second hard disk to use as a backup device. This approach uses one disk instead of hundreds of DVD's. If the backup disk is mounted as an external drive, it can be safely powered off when not needed. This lowers the chance of trouble with the drive. Unfortunately, the backup disk is just a vulnerable to theft, fire or other damage, as the host computer system. Most people using extra hard disks for backups rarely take the trouble to secure their backup data.

Threats to Your Computer Files
Computer crashes that lose data are rare, but they can still happen. Files are stored on hard disks which are electro-mechanical devices. They can heat up and burn out. The disk has bearings that can fail over time. The disk can be affected by shock due to dropping. Water from floods can render disks useless. A fire can destroy the computer and the hard disk. Unfortunately as well, computers are easy targets for thieves. You can easily imagine dire situations that can affect your computer, resulting in losses. Perhaps you have experienced a data loss in the past. You should take steps to protect yourself from the faults that can harm your digital photos, images and other content.

Automatic Online Backup Using the Internet Cloud
Luckily, technology has provided society with a stable and fast Internet. Computers providing remote functions are called Cloud Servers. You are familiar with the usual cloud functions such as web hosting. Now there are online backup functions provide by cloud servers. These computers work with your own machine to automatically backup your computer contents to a safe location. Because content is copied to disks many miles away from your home, they are immune from the kinds of damage that may affect your own computer. Your photos are protected by rigorous security protocols both in transit to the cloud server and while hosted at the backup site. In fact, your content items are usually substantially safer at the backup computer than they are in your own equipment.

Remote File Access Provided by a Cloud Online Backup Server
Cloud server online backup is a great service that automatically copies information to a secure computer facility. This alone makes cloud servers a great idea for most computer users. Cloud backup servers also offer remote file access to your data. Your backed up items are available for you to view whenever you are away from your home computer. For example, if you are travelling, you can use a friend's computer for Internet access. You can then login to your cloud backup server account and view your secured items. You can then download copies to your friend's computer. As usual, you information will be safer at the cloud server than it would be in your friend's computer.

File Sharing Provide by a Cloud Online Backup Server
Since your protected files are stored at a remoter server connected to the Internet, your files are potentially available to any other computer with an Internet connection. The cloud server maintains a vigil on your data files with the use of strong encryption and password protection. Should you wish, you can easily share one or more of your files with others that you trust. To do so, you simply establish a folder as shared. You then provide the email address of your friend. They receive access to your file directly from the cloud server. The sharing is much more reliable, and secure, than emailing your file. Did you know that emailed files are often copied to many other servers while enroute to the final destination. Often these extra copies are not deleted when the email message is deleted. Conversely, files shared over the cloud server are protected at all times. The sharing can also be revoked as necessary, providing complete control of the sharing process to the file owner.

Automatic File Backup Using a Cloud Server is the Modern Answer to File Security
Rather than rely on chance to protect your files, or your own backup schedule, you should sign-up for an online Internet cloud backup service. Afterwards, you will be able to have your files automatically protected. Think of how valuable your files are. You have pictures of your children and other family members. You have your word processing documents. You have your emails and your address list. These are all files that you should protect. The best way is via an online backup cloud service. The service is easy to setup, and reliable. You get backup, remote access and file sharing with the same account. All computer files should be protected on the Internet cloud.

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