So you went out and bought you a brand new Mustang, Sally, and you've been runnin' it all over town? It's a 2008 Bullitt Mustang? With the 4.6 litre, 315 horsepower, 18 valve V-8 and a 5-speed stick? And it'll do 0 to 60 in 5.0 seconds and if you switch off the traction control, you can create monster fish-tailing burnouts?

Indeed a classic in the movie BULLITT back in 1968 - still a classic with the redo in 2008! They've even matched the mufflers to those from the movie version. Sweet. No chrome anywhere, just one mean machine!

So Sally, you've got this awesome automobile. Now, please tell me you have a Mustang Car Cover to protect this beauty from all of the sins of nature! If you don't, that's a sin! Car Cover Manufacturers have done well to create covers to fit specifically to most cars, and they made sure there was one to fit the new Mustangs. So you have a great cover with a great fit, to cover and protect your great car!

Made by industry leading manufacturers like Covercraft, CoverKing, EZ, LeBra, and others, the covers are available in a wide variety of materials. Key to picking good quality covers are its ratings on Water Resistance, UV Protection, Breathability, Compactness, Resistance to Natural & Man Made Hazards, and the Feeling of the Material itself. There are covers made for both inside and outside storage, with materials best suited for either. In addition to protecting your finish from the elements like ice, snow, rain, and hail, they also do wonders with the sun and heat, protecting your car inside and out from UV sun fade. And these custom covers come complete with mirror pockets and a super snug fit. If you've gone to the trouble of getting your Mustang Car Cover, you don't really want one that will be flapping around in the breeze, or inviting things to get up underneath it.

And if you haven't made the step to covering your Bullitt, now is the time. The last thing you want on that rockin' green machine of yours is a load of tree sap, bird poop, sand, or some industrial compound. Dirt, dust, mud & crud, leaves, insects, varmints, cats, and all things like that aren't good for it either. That's why they created car covers! You can even get these personalized with the Mustang logo, which seems like a must!

So do old Steve Mc proud and protect your Bullitt Stang! So it'll be lookin' good when you start flying around the streets of San Francisco!

Mustang Cover