Woodward Dream Cruise (23342)1958 Little Red Corvette

As Prince so aptly sang about them, " Little Red Corvette, Baby you're much too fast, my Little Red Corvette.." Or at least that's how the words came out! But if you own one of these early model classics, chances are pretty fair it's got red in it or on it somewhere! There just weren't a lot of color options back then!! But........ so what???!!!! It's a Corvette!!!

And I really don't think it matters what year your Corvette is, it's a classic! And you need to be taking really good care of it so it keeps its youthful good looks forever! For all of the money you have invested in one of these, splurge a little and buy it a nice custom fit car cover. Get a good one. One that will protect the sparkling red finish and that great interior too!

If you're going to be one of the hundreds of thousands cruising over to the annual Woodward Dream Cruise in Detroit on August 21st, you're sure to see hundreds and hundreds of classic Corvettes. Of all ages. Birmingham always has a Corvette Row that you can walk around and through, and there will oh so many up and down Woodward Avenue, from 9 Mile to Wide Track Drive. All with that distinctive Corvette sound!

There have been 15 Dream Cruises through 2009 and this year will mark number 16. Started in 1995 basically as a local fund-raiser, it brought back the wonder days of the 50's and 60's when the kids and their muscle cars cruised Woodward. With 4 lanes in each direction with a monster green median in the middle, it was always a cruiser and racer's dream! Stoplights roughly every mile provided ample opportunities to test your car's abilities and your own driving prowess.

Populated with a number of great Drive-Ins, like Teds, Wigwam, Totem Pole, Suzie Q's, and Big Boy, the hot-rodding kids had plenty of places to stop, hang out, eat, and compare cars. The Dream Cruise runs through a number of towns north of Detroit, like Ferndale, Royal Oak, Berkley, Birmingham, Bloomfield Hills, and Pontiac that all host events and plenty of places for the cars to park and show off.

The local police departments are in evidence throughout the day long cruise, pretty much making sure that no one gets too carried away or intoxicated. Hole shots are common but the races are short due to all the cars. The cops are cool about it. They don't tolerate dangerous or reckless driving that might injure the million plus along the route. Certainly the largest car cruise event in the country, it is estimated to draw over 40,000 cars this year. You truly have to see it to believe it. And trust me, no matter how many times you go; you just can't see them all. But it sure is a fun ride.

So get your Little Red Corvette out from under its custom Corvette car covers and we'll see you in the Motor City!