Protect your vehicles if you are planning a holiday in the near future then this may save you from damaging your caravan or camper that you are towing.There is nothing worse than spending all that money on a new caravan, camper or even your four wheel drive ATV vehicle and smashing your back vehicle window from rocks flying up between your vehicle and your towed vehicle.





Not only can you damage the front of your caravan from the stone chips but this idea will help prevent the melted bitumen from splashing onto the front of your nice white caravan.Tar or bitumen is not the easiest to remove either.Stone chips cannot be removed, although you can cover them up with a bit of help.





Protective mudflaps









For a small outlay you can fit a mudflap right across the back of your vehicle.

We bought some black rubber approx twelve inches (300ml) deep and the same width as your vehicle.We cut ours in three pieces so as to allow movement.





You will need

  • Piece of rubber
  • angle iron just smaller than width of vehicle
  • flat bar just smaller than the width of vehicle
  • nuts and bolts
  • Drill to drill the holes
  • Patience

To do this we pre drilled matching holes in the angle iron and the flat bar. Then we bolted the angle iron onto the underneath of the towbar frame. We put it all together with two or three nuts and bolts on each section fitting the rubber between the angle iron and the flat bar. Presto, now you should not suffer any more bitumen and very little stones flicking up onto your vehicles.





Protecting your vehicles back window









If you cannot do this for some reason, then another good idea to protect your back vehicle window from breakage is to cover it with a sheet of heavy plastic taped over the window when travelling on bad roads.





Another way to protect the front of your caravan is to buy a calico clip on cover although these can be more expensive.I have also seen people fit a shade cloth covering over the front of their caravans, although these need to be fitted properly or it will not work.





You can also make or buy a protective stone guard which sits across the middle of your draw bar on your camper trailer, or caravan.This will also prevent some of the damage.I have seen some people cover this stone guard with shade cloth which also catches some of those pesky insects and should also give more protection than just the stone guard.





Cover up the damage









If you have done all of this and you still have been unable to protect your caravan from stone damage, then all is not lost.They now have a polish which you can cover up the damaged area.

  • It blends and bonds so it matches the color of your car
  • Fills in the minor scratches and chips on vehicle
  • Available in several colors, Black, Silver, Red, White, Blue and Green
  • Formulated to revitalize the color of your vehicles

As it comes in several colors you should be able to match up the color to your caravan or even touch up stone chips on your tug vehicle at the same time.


Tips on Tow hitches



Your tow hitch is a very important part of towing any vehicle.Here are a few things to watch out for:



When parked in a town or on the side of the road, always check that the pin and complete hitch is still intact – Why?Because some people think it is funny to race in and pull out the pin and watch the people drive off and drop their caravan on the ground as it will not have the jockey on when hitched up.



I am not joking kids are doing this all around the place maybe you have been lucky so just check this out before driving off after leaving it parked unattended for some time.



Tow ball locks





When your van is unhitched always put a lock over the tow ball to safeguard the van from others hitching on and driving it away while you are asleep or elsewhere. There are many different designs so check out which one suits you the best.



I know that some kids carry battery charged grinders especially to remove padlocks and similar, so it is not foolproof, it just protects you a little more than normal. Hope this helps and gives you ideas on things to watch out for.