With the arrival of Apple's new wonder toy, a lot of firms are lining up to create a multitude of accessories for it. But the ones who will sell the first models of accessories are of course Apple, as they always have a line-up of gadgets and add-ons for every new product they bring out. But one of the most important accessories for an iPad has to be a good case. Given that most of the unit is occupied by the large capacitive screen, any scratches or dents could possibly damage your unit irreversibly. So let's see what an iPad case has to offer and see if we can find the best iPad case.

We should take a look at the standard iPad case from Apple themselves. You can find it on the Apple Store for 39.99$, and it will ship with the first models of the iPad when it launches. It has a soft microfiber interior and reinforced panels. It's pretty lightweight so you can carry it around and it folds horizontally or vertically so you can hold your iPad at an angle to either watch a video or type on the keyboard. It obviously also has holes for the headphone jack, dock connector port and the on and off and volume buttons. If you're worrying about how you're going to comfortably hold your iPad while sitting at a table, this iPad case also offers a triangular kickstand so you can prop the iPad at an angle.

The Vers Handcrafted Wood iPad Case also offers kickstand so you can prop your iPad any way you want it to sit. It is hand-crafted from hardwood and bamboo and it will make your iPad look a lot classier than with its standard black cover. It has the standard openings for the dock connector and volume control, like any other case. All of this comes at a price of around 80$, but if you want to look the part, you have to pay the price.

So, if you want to find the best iPad covers, you'll have to wait until the gadget actually launches, given that not so many models have been announced yet. You can find all the hot Apple iPad accessories on their website though, in their Apple Store. So until the iPad is launched, stick around to see other unveilings of new cases.