Fast transportation is a major necessity in the current, fast-paced era. Trains are better means of transportation for people who are always on the go. Train rides often take less time compared to cars or other land transportation because they are not affected by traffic. Some countries even enjoy the benefit of bullet trains which are even faster and have fewer stops.

In order to fully function, commuter or commercial trains obviously need to employ railroad workers in order to control and oversee their operation. And just like ordinary workers for other industries, railroad workers are also confronted with the dangers of their tasks. People are protected from what can be considered a railroad worker injury by the Federal Employers' Liability Act (FELA).

The said law was passed in 1907 and was enacted in order to protect railroad workers from any harm that they may face while on the job. Under the FELA, an injured worker may receive legal compensation and place the liability to railroad companies and employers. FELA requires companies to provide their workers a safe working environment.

Railroad companies also have the duty to:

  • Guarantee that the workplace is free from hazardous conditions. One way to do this is through maintenance of the necessary equipment and tools, and providing the place with safety devices.

  • Give warning to their employees about any unsafe condition. The workers should know about this already, but employers still have the duty to disseminate the information.

  • Do a regular inspection of the workplace in order to spot any hazardous faults. Check the equipment and tools used too.

  • Train the employees in every aspect of their job to minimize their work-related errors and promote safety.

  • Regularly supervise all the activities and working conditions of the workplace.

  • Check that the safety rules and regulations of the company are followed.

These obligations should be followed by railroad companies because failure to do so will put them liable for any injury that their workers may experience. These will also help them avoid FELA claims or lawsuits and payment of damages to the injured workers.