With winter comes increased rain, snow and harsh temperatures. Protecting your home will not only reduce the amount of cleanup you'll have to do after a big storm, but it will ultimately save you money come spring when you won't have to replace broken pipes, flooded walkways, etc. The following are a few helpful tips to help you winterize your home for the change of seasons that is already upon us.

  1. Large amounts of snowfall can be devastation for a house. Be sure to clear off the snow regularly from your roof and front porch. Snow that accumulates can be very heavy and may cause your roof to cave in or your porch to sag and collapse. If you're unsure of how to properly clear off your roof or are unable to regularly clean off your porch, hire a professional to do these things after each snow.
  2. Double-pane windows will not only keep out the cold, but they will also reduce condensation that will appear. Windowsills that get wet frequently are more prone to grow mold and rot.
  3. In areas that drop below freezing, broken pipes is often a concern. This will happen if you don't run water in your house on a regular basis. If it is cold outside and you are worried about your pipes freezing, turn a faucet on to a trickle, so you aren't wasting large amounts of water and you will prevent your pipes from breaking.
  4. Large storms can sometimes cause power outages. Consider keeping a generator in your home in case of a power outage. Be sure you have a space heater that you can plug into your generator in case such an outage, so you and your family are able to stay warm.
  5. Severe storms can cause large amounts of runoff from your yard and surrounding property. Increased runoff will clog drains and cause backup and flooding around your home. Be sure you have stormwater control measures in place to avoid such situations. Not only will this save you money in cleanup, but it is also helping the environment.
  6. Food storage. While stocking up on food isn't necessarily protecting your home, it will protect your family in the instance where a storm may prevent you from getting to the store. Keep water and canned goods stocked up in case of emergency.