Protecting Your Shoes

Keeping your shoes looking like new may take a little effort on your part. Here are some easy things to keep them looking like new. If you are crazy about them like I am, then here are some fun things to make to help keep them in tip top shape while protecting your shoes.

 You can make bags to store your shoes. This may not be necessary for all of them, but those which are material based you should consider this. The everyday dust can soil them and may be difficult to remove. To make a bag to protect them, cut a shoebox size piece of material doubled so you only have to sew the edges. Fold over the top edge and put a small hem in it which will be big enough to thread a ribbon through. Fold it over inside out and sew the side edges.


Your elegant shoes

 To make shoe boxes more appealing to store your most elegant ones in, here are a few ideas. Cover them top and bottom in pretty material. To make the edges look finished for the lid, cover it by cutting a piece of material larger then the lid. Bring all material around to the inside. Glue with craft glue. Cut out a cardboard piece the size of the inside of the lid. Cover with the same or alternating color of material. Glue to the inside of lid of the box. Buy enough material so you can do all the boxes the same or color coordinate them with a print fabric and matching plain fabric. This is a good way to begin protecting them.

Another way to cover this box is by using wrapping paper that has been used. This is a great way to recycle the wrapping paper. You can glue it the same way as with the material or you can do it the same as you would do a gift.

Contact paper is another good way to cover the boxes. They will be easier to dust off and clean when necessary.

 Potpourri sachets are a great way to keep them fresh smelling. You can make these by buying netting and satin material in any color. Self make a pattern of the tip of your shoe. Cut from your pattern, as many sets as you need for the sachets. Make small enough sizes so they will fit in the toes. These sachets work great to eliminate odors in a natural way. Place a flowery scent of potpourri blend in the center of the netting and place the netting in the center of the matching satin piece. Tie both together with a ribbon. This will protect your shoes from odor.

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