There are many reasons why people install camera security systems in their houses. They usually have a family and property to protect and the idea that someone could potentially enter their home to steal or harm their family is unpleasant to think about. However, sometimes threats can come from within.  That’s why in addition to a home security alarm system, it’s wise to also install fire and carbon monoxide detectors. Carbon monoxide is more deadly and more common than people realize. It can’t be detected by anything other than a sensor specially designed to detect it. Carbon monoxide detectors can be purchased from many places, but they require batteries and batteries can go dead. A smart idea is to install one home system that monitors all property inside and out with cameras and detectors for fire and carbon monoxide. A home security alarm system with these added precautions will alert homeowners if there is an intruder or if there is a carbon monoxide leak in the house. Instead of running on a battery, they are all linked to one system that runs off the house’s electricity, and it will send a signal to the company monitoring the house 24/7. A Honeywell security system even has a carbon monoxide detector that emits a wireless signal.


Getting a video security system for a house is a good idea, but don’t forget about safety precaution options for fire and carbon monoxide as well. So often people forget about these dangers, but it would be very unfortunate to let forgetfulness be the cause of disaster or even death. Sometimes it’s easy for people to get wrapped up in the things that could hurt their homes from the outside, which is why they often install outdoor security camera systems, but they fail to put them inside the house as well. Carbon monoxide can come from many different sources in the house. Sadly hundreds of people die every year from failing to protect their homes from carbon monoxide leaks. The gas is odorless and colorless and can kill quickly in high doses. It can come from blocked chimneys, fuel burning space heaters and gas stoves. All of these are common home appliances and have the chance to malfunction and put families in danger. Through installing a home security alarm system with fire and carbon monoxide detectors, people can help prevent disaster and provide fast assistance for all kinds of accidents and emergencies. Having all of the cameras and sensors linked together under one system is helpful because there is no need to change all of the individual batteries. Also, there is someone else always monitoring the system to ensure the safety of all those who live in the house.


Letting homes go unprotected is unwise; not because your house is so valuable, but because they house valuable people. Installing a home security alarm system might seem a little expensive, but when you compare it to what carbon monoxide might do or what a fire might destroy, it’s a small price to pay for security and peace of mind.