Social media is taking over the world - at least that is how it looks at the moment. There are many, many social network/media websites out there. Problems seeing the forest through all the trees? Of course. Should you register at all of them? You probably hear your friends saying that they just use Facebook, nothing more, the rest is just BS, don't wanna use it and keep telling the uselessness of it to you.

Yeah, I'm not gonna do that. I am just going to state that you should register on EVERY one of them. Or at least, the popular ones.

But I don't use YouTube! Me neither, before. But I do now. As well with StumbleUpon, didn't used to use it, but I do now. That is one reason, there are more!

Register every social network

  1. You might wanna use your nickname. I hate it when I am going to register somewhere and the nickname is already registered! Awful. So if you have a nickname you want to use everywhere, go and claim it.
  2. You don't want to see your name somewhere where you are not. What if there would be someone with the name Stefan also who is posting a lot of adult sites to sites like People could think that that guy is me, while he isn't! I have a nice example of this. One of my professors who is a doctor made a mistake with a patient. Next thing, the patient registered, whoops. Now when you google the guy, that site is going to end up on top and he will never be able to compete with that site.

Register your domain name, right now!

Well, with that last point I hope I made clear that you should register your name everywhere. But most important: register You can register a domain name at It will cost you $7,99 (use promocode DN3), but it will be worth it.

Besides you saved the domain name for your own use right now, it will also help in SEO. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and is a pseudo-science itself. SEO is about how to get your site as the first result in Google. A domain name is really powerful for this. Because if somebody will look for 'Stefan Knapen' (my name) is the site with the best result, most likely. An other thing is that if your site is older, it will also end up higher in the ranking, because the site is longer in the game, it is more likely to provide valuable content).

What to register.

A quick list with where you should register. The links will take you directly to the sign-up page.

  • Yourname as a domain name. Still didn't do it? Trust me, this is going to be worth it. Register your name now.
  • Videos are a powerful tool, register (with your Google account?) and your name will be save for fake vids.
  • Facebook is the biggest social networking site out on the internet, register there to be sure you are the king of that account.
  • The second biggest networking site? Register there as well, keep your tweets in line!
  • Google. Register your name as a Gmail account, will be worth it also. Besides that, you will have Google accounts now, all with your own name. Valuable.

Sign up where you need to sign up, you will be thankful later for this. Which site did if forget? Do you have reason not to sign up everywhere? Share it in the comments