Oh the joys of Mother Nature, the smell of dew in the morning, the sound of birds chirping, all being overridden by a full diaper and a screaming baby! Crisis? I think not.

In this edition of protecting your family we will be talking all about newborns, what to expect from them, how to handle them, do's and don'ts, as well as some sound advice.

Whether this is your first baby, or you're experienced, I hope you find this article useful and pass it along to your friends and family.

Let's start off by getting a car seat for baby…what should we name this one? How about Sam, I like Sam. Yes, the hospital will not allow you to take Sam home without a car seat, so you'd better get one of those and a few blankets because Sam might get cold.

Once you're home, you should hopefully have your house set up for a newborn, if not you should read Protecting your family: Pregnancy. Everyone's first thought is that little Sam is going to cause chaos, no one will ever get any sleep, and he is going to be very demanding. The truth of the matter is: Sam won't do much for the first couple of months. He will drink his baba, he will drink it too fast and need help being burped, he will then mess his diaper to thank you. After that he will go to sleep, wake up and start all over. The most exciting thing a newborn will do is cry, and Sam loves to cry, because crying gets your attention. This means, a new baba, a burp, or a clean diapy.

Crying (screaming for some baby's) is Sam's only real way to communicate right now. As much as you want to convey the message that you have a migraine, sorry, Sam doesn't get it. But the good news is, once you figure out what Sam wants, and he gets it, the world will be quiet once more.

You may get frustrated sometimes. Maybe you can't figure out what Sam needs, or maybe you work 12 hour shifts on 2 hours of sleep, whatever the reason may be, when you START to get frustrated ask for help. Ask your partner, call your mom, get someone else to help. Sam isn't trying to make you mad, he just can't 'tell' you what he wants and if you start to get irritated, it will make it harder to figure it out.

He may be hungry, but if you've got the almighty baba at the wrong angle, it may not be good enough. He may need to burp, but if you're upset you might be patting Sam's back a little too hard for his taste. But rest assured…you will always know when the diapy needs a change.

Sometimes, and it does happen, Sam will get sick. Be it a cold, the flu, bronchitis, or something worse. Prepare ahead of time by asking your doctor what to do. Also, some health insurance providers have a 24/7 nurse hotline. That would be good to have on speed dial. Don't take chances when it comes to Sam. If he is getting a fever: Dr. office, if the office is closed. Emergency Room.

A few Do's and Don'ts

Do: warm up Sam's baba (bottle for those who didn't figure it out)

DON'T: overheat the baba. Lukewarm is a good temperature, squirt a bit onto your forearm, if it's hot to you, it will be really hot to Sam.

DON'T: heat up the baba with the nipple on it. Some nipples can melt…not what you need

Do: Burp Sam. Hold him up to your body with his head above your shoulder, and with the other hand, gently pat his back. GENTLY

DON'T: Try to force a burp out with increased pressure. It's not the Heimlich, and it won't help.

Do: Change Sam's Diaper.

DON'T: forget the baby powder. You don't want a chapped baby.

Do: Play with Sam, (not Xbox…yet) take him for walks, read for him. Remember everything you do, is his first time.

DON'T: Play too hard. It's a little too early to throw Sam up in the air and catch him. Wait until he's older for that, and even then BE CAREFUL. There are many hazards for a flying baby which include, hitting the floor, hitting the ceiling, and the flying baby's worst nightmare –Ceiling Fans.

Do: Love Sam

NEVER: Yell at Sam, shake Sam, leave Sam unattended, set Sam somewhere he could fall, leave Sam in the tub or sink during bath-time, strike Sam in anyway, ignore Sam when he is crying, leave Sam in the car. These are all life threatening actions. I'm going to say that again…these are all LIFE-THREATENING actions.

I know there are more do's and don'ts. Feel free to leave them in the comments section below.

Sam is expensive, if you haven't figured it out yet. All sorts of doctor visits can rack up the bills fast, so if you can, splurge for the better health insurance. It can save you Thousands of dollars while Sam is a baby, not to mention the money it saved during the pregnancy. Sam should never be without health insurance if you can help it.

I also wanted to mention life insurance briefly. After Sam is 6 months old, you should consider checking into life insurance for him. It should be at the cheapest rates, and some policies come with what is called a guaranteed insurability rider.

That means that at a few intervals, (usually starting around 21-25 years old) he will have an opportunity to increase the coverage he has, regardless of ANY medical conditions.

This means that even if Sam were to develop a horrible life threatening condition, he could still increase his life insurance on this policy! You will want to ask an insurance professional about the details to make sure you fully understand.