Protege Clay Poker Chip

Protégé Clay Poker chips are poker chips designed by the poker community for the poker community. There are a lot of different poker chips on the market, dome good and some poorly designed, buy the Protégé clay poker chips are among some of the finest poker chips.

There are many ways you can buy professional casino grade poker chips. You can get lightweight and cheap poker chips or you can buy some custom designed poker chips. These Protégé Clay poker chips are the best blend of all the needed features of a poker chip, while still being quite affordable.

Protégé Clay poker chips will cost you between $1.10-$1.50 per chip. These may be too expensive for your home games, but if you are looking to buy some high quality heavy weight poker chips for your home poker game you should at least order a single Protégé poker chip so you can see how it feels. In fact you should order at least three of them so you can get a feel of hot the chips feel when holding them together. More than likely you will like your test chips order and decide to place an order for a bulk quantity of these Protégé clay poker chips

As with all poker chips, these will take a few years to break in properly. The corners may feel sharp and it will be harder to shuffle your chips. This is common with all high-grade poker chips. Protégé clay poker chips are like a pair of jeans, the more you use them the more comfortable they become. Unlike most products, if you have a set of well broken in Protégé poker chips, you may be able to sell them for more than what you paid for them to the right buyer.

You can oil the chips and speed dup the breaking in process, but for the most part it is better to let nature take its course and break the chips in naturally. This gives you a good reason to hold your weekly poker games more often.

The Protégé poker chips are designed though so that after they break in they will feel much better, but when you receive a brand new set in the mail of the Protégé poker chips they will feel like the poker chips in casinos do. These are high quality poker chips that can in denominations from .25-$5,000 chips. They also sell Orange NCV poker chips.

Protégé clay poker chips weigh in at about 10 grams each. Most casinos in Las Vegas use a poker chip that weighs between 9.5 grams to 11 grams. There is no standard Las Vegas sized poker chip. In general a heavier weighted poker chip will feel much better, but there is much more than just weight to consider.

The intricate designs on the Protégé clay poker chips allow you to be proud of your poker chip set. These are not the cheap clay poker chips you can buy from Wal-Mart; this is truly a professional grade clay poker chip.