Breaking the New Year resolution with Protein Pancakes

Remember, remember when you felt so stuffed and podged after Christmas holidays that you promised one of your New Year resolutions would be to eat healthier? If you are one of the good ones, you have even kept to that New year resolution too. Lost weight, feel slimmer and fitter too.What a cruel trick to then place Pancake day,also known as Shrove Tuesday a mere 7 weeks later. You know you are going to break so you might as well sneak in a healthier way to eat pancakes. Protein pancakes are loads healthier than starchy carbohydrate pancakes.

I certainly am not one to miss out when every one else is having celebration food, espescially not ones I like such as Pancakes.


Protein pancakes are healthier

Luckily for me, my sister is a personal trainer and she is crazy about protein, protein shakes, protein snacks and protein bars, but she makes them herself. It is because of my sister's advice to lower my carbohydrates and start to increase my protein intake.Which always confused me as try and get her to make normal every day food and she just has not got a clue. Anyway this is all you will need for the actual pancake mix itself. Little and often is the key to not gaining weight and these protein pancakes are just the right size to make and store for small meals.

Ingredients needed for protein Pancakes, ( makes around 6-8).

2 cups of Oats, ground already such as Ready Brek or grind them yourself from generic oats is fine.

4 scoops of protein shake.

You can choose the flavour but I would suggest Vanilla or Banana, so it compliments more fillings.

8 egg whites

4 tablespoons of skimmed milk

3 teaspoons of sweetner, sugar substitute such as splenda.

There is no secret way of mixing this, just get it all in a bowl and mix.

Use a nice hot, non stick frying pan that is sprayed with a low cal non stick spray, add a little mixture as you would a normal pancake and wait until you see bubbles opening on the surface, flip pancake and do for around 60 seconds.

Use what ever topping you wish but if you are trying to keep it healthy, I suggest mixed berries or a banana etc.

Also I would not try and skimp on a cheap Protein shake as the cheaper the Protein powder is, the more packed with carbs it will be. It is well worth spending that little bit extra to get a higher protein and lower carbohydrate ratio per gram of protein shake.

Protein powders and shakes come in an abundance of flavours, so you can concentrate on a flavour you really like. I love chocolate but it gets sickly after a few days, so I prefer to go for a couple of flavours of protein powder, maybe chocolate and a vanilla or red berries powder. You can even get cookie and cream protein shake, but I just want choice really, not feel like I am shopping at a supermarket for one portion of my diet.