Dandelion root is found nearly everywhere! Instead of spraying your dandelions this Spring, consider pulling them by hand. To pull a dandelion, grab below the leaves and pull directly upward. This will ensure a large portion of the root gets pulled. Dandelion roots can grow as deep as two feet or more under ground, so be prepared to be surprised by the length of the roots! Dandelion root can be as thick as an inch or more.

Dandelion root is used as a diuretic to detoxify the body. Detoxification means that the compounds within dandelions are attracted to toxins within the body. The compounds in the dandelion grab onto the toxins in the body, and all is flushed out by going to the bathroom. This detoxification may not be ideal for those with ongoing kidney or bladder issues. Talk to a doctor before beginning dandelion root detoxification if problems have been found in the bladder or kidneys. The detoxification process is good for women who suffer recurrent urinary tract infections, as the dandelion root will adhere not only to toxins throughout the body, but also to harmful bacteria found in the urinary tract.

Dandelion root in particular is quite stimulating. When added to coffee, dandelion root will achieve the same effect as the coffee. Use caution when beginning a dandelion root detoxification regimen, as the stimulating effect may come as a surprise to some. When taken responsibly, dandelion root should not lead to insomnia or other related problems.

When picked in the Spring, dandelion root contains many vitamins and nutrients, as they are stored in the root in the winter and spring. Dandelion root contains a large amount of potassium, which is an essential nutrient for women dealing with PMS. Potassium in dandelion root has compelled herbalists for centuries to use dandelion root to cure anemia.

Because of its diuretic effect and its helpfulness toward the liver in regulating bile, dandelion root can be used to lose weight. Dandelion root is often prescribed in Europe for weight loss. Even laboratory animals have been shown to lose up to 30% of their body mass after being given dandelion tinctures for one month. Most people using dandelion root to lose weight will typically see gradual results. For increased speed in weight loss, follow a balanced, healthy diet and lifestyle plan along with the dandelion root regimen.

Dandelion root is incredibly easy to roast and use as a coffee substitute, or to brew along with coffee. Roasted dandelion has a distinct, but not overpowering, taste. Most say it is similar in taste and smell to a fine chocolate, an easy and delicious accompaniment to coffee.