There are some known facts about psoriasis causes and the psoriasis treatment is understood as are the psoriasis triggers. This is a chronic condition which means it is very long lasting. It is also not a contagious disease. The exact causes are not known but it is believed to be triggered by the immune system.

It is one of those conditions that a person has for life. It can occur at any age or on either sex. It generally initially appears between fifteen and twenty five years of age. If it is on the scalp it may be thought to be persistent dandruff. It may occur more in people that have a family history of the problem. If a person is bipolar and taking Lithium or high blood pressure medications those may trigger the condition. 

Causes And Triggers

The psoriasis causes are not fully known nor are the psoriasis triggers fully understood. Any psoriasis treatment will be for the containment or to slow down the cell turnover. It is known that it happens more often on dry skin and not so much on moist skin. It may be causes by a skin cell disorder. It is believed it may have to do with a cell called a T-cell which is a white blood cell that has the purpose of fighting off virus or bacterial infection. But in this case the T-cell actually attacks the healthy cells instead. Or it may be caused by a skin disorder with excess growth of the outer layer of the skin. Chemicals in hairspray or skin cream may trigger it or it may be stress induced.

Symptoms And Misdiagnosis

Generally, the diagnosis is by skin appearance and the psoriasis causes have no special test or diagnostic procedures. When any of the psoriasis triggers the condition then a psoriasis treatment is decided upon. The problem is very common and the symptoms of psoriasis are inflamed skin with a rash which generally is in the form of large red spots with scales on them that itches and is very sore. The scales may be silvery in color or white. It is often seen on the lower back, elbows and scalp. It is similar in appearance to these skin conditions: ringworm which is a fungal infection, pityriasis rosea which is one spot that spreads or seborrheic dermatitis with scales, itching and red skin. It may mimic nail fungus.

Management Of Psoriasis Conditions

There are different types of psoriasis which have psoriasis triggers much for the same reasons and however the psoriasis treatment may vary. These different types are the following:

Type 1: Plague Psoriasis

This is the most common form of psoriasis and this form has psoriasis causes which are from immune system disorders. This form looks like scaly red patches that may be red and white on top that appears on the top layer of skin. The psoriasis triggers for this may be stress induced but the causes are not fully understood. It seems to appear on dry skin more often. The psoriasis treatment will only be used to control the problem there is no known cure.  

Type 2: Guttate Psoriasis

This form of psoriasis generally appears on people under the age of thirty. Again the psoriasis triggers are not fully understood but there is a guttate psoriasis treatment available. The skin around the tear drop shapes and may be covered by a fine looking scale. This form is scaly pink or red lesions that look like a tear drop shape and appears generally on the hands and feet or in other areas of the body. It will have an intense burning feeling. The psoriasis causes may be generally related to strep throat or other bacterial infection. This form may only appear once or may be repetitive.

Type 3: Psoriasis Of The Fingernail

This is also called psoriasis nail dystrophy and this form of psoriasis causes the fingernails to be thickened and pitted. The psoriasis triggers may be stress or a T-cell disorder.  The nails may be loose and have abnormal growth and they may even crumble. A psoriasis treatment is called for when this condition appears.

Type 4: Pustular Psoriasis

The form is raised bumps with pus in them and this form is known to come on very quickly and the blisters appear shortly after the redness appears on the skin. The psoriasis causes may be skin immune related or perhaps due to the immune system causing the skin cells to speed up their growth. The psoriasis triggers may be excess smoking, drinking or even because of a skin injury. You should seek medical assistance for your psoriasis treatment.

Type 5: Erythrodermic Psoriasis

This is the least common form of psoriasis and it appears as inflamed skin which may cover the entire body. This form of psoriasis causes a red peeling rash that may itch or burn intensely. You would require some form of psoriasis treatment as this form may be fatal.

Treatment Of Psoriasis

Depending on the psoriasis causes there are different forms of psoriasis treatment. If the psoriasis triggers are known like heavy drinking or the use of Lithium for a bipolar issue then the treatment form may be to stop drinking or to use a different medication as treatment for the bipolar condition. Other forms of treatment may be medical creams or ointments which will reduce the inflammation. It also depends on the severity of the psoriasis as to what treatment is used. A topical treatment may be best with a mild case of psoriasis. The purpose of any treatment is to slow the skin cell growth with the least number of side effects.

Home Treatment Of Psoriasis

Psoriasis triggers and psoriasis causes that cause psoriasis can be treated at home. You can make sure your skin stays moist. Aloe vera is one home remedy that will relieve the symptoms. Fish oil is another home remedy because it has lots of Omega-3 fatty acids and Vitamin E. Short periods of exposure to the sun may help but still put n a high SPF sunscreen.