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Psych is one of those shows I am madly in love with. From its witty humour to the almost unparalleled no. of quotable lines, Psych is class and comedy mixed together, and then served with pineapple shavings!


 Having seen the finale of the seventh season, which is also the penultimate season, I have decided to review each season one by one. This will contain the gist of the season, important moments of the season and the best episodes of the season. 

Henry Spencer(Corbin Bernsen) is a cop in Santa Barbara police Department. He has had a divorce, and has a son Shawn(James Roday). He wants Shawn to carry the Spencer family torch and  become a cop in the future. He makes him recall things which normal people can easily overlook. This kind of training makes Shawn extremely observant to even minute details.

Shawn uses this ability to tip the police off about any case he hears about in the news. When these tips become too common an occurrence, the police begins to suspect that Shawn himself is somehow connected.

In search of an out, Shawn tells a lie :  He tells the police that he is a psychic and because of these supernatural powers, he is able to tip the police off each time. He is able to convince many people in the station, except Detective Lassiter(Timothy Omundson) who still has his doubts.

The police meanwhile are currently involved in a high-profile kidnapping case, and they could use some help. The Chief of Police Karen Vick(Kristin Nelson) makes a deal with Shawn. He could either help the police solve the case using his supposed psychic skills, or go to jail for lying to the police.

Shawn sees this as an income opportunity and involves his friend Gus in this. Gus(Dule Hill) is a pharmaceutical salesman working at Central Coast Pharmaceuticals. Knowing Shawn's habit of taking up odd jobs and leaving them abruptly, he declines at first but then reluctantly agrees.

They solve the first case, which gives birth to  Psych detective agency. Shawn is the type of person who does things before thinking,  so Gus complements him well as he remains the voice of sanity.

The season one starts slow after a very interesting pilot episode.One should note that Psych was the show slated to replace Monk when it ended, another very famous USA network show. So Psych had very big shoes to fill.

 Psych also replaced Detective Lassiter's girlfriend(also his partner), one of the supposedly major characters in the 3rd episode with detective Juliette O Hara(Maggie Lawson). This change was for the better though, with Maggie Lawson completely making the role of the detective her own.

The Psych duo gradually become a major part of the crime solving team of Santa Barbara, which further angers Carlton Lassiter.

The cases vary from a little different from the norm to ridiculous. As the season progresses, Gus warms up to the idea of working for Psych along with his job at Central Coast. His medical expertise comes in handy when there is poisoning involved. Gus is great with safes as well,  thanks to his safe cracker magazine subscription. Gus also loves to call himself the "supersniffer" because of his great smell detection skills.

Shawn constantly hits on the dashing O Hara, who firmly believes in Shawn's psychic powers. Another important aspect of the show is Shawn's relationship with his dad. He asks for his advice whenever he gets stuck on a case.

Overall this show is more comedy than mystery, and viewers should remember this. The acting by both James Roday and Dule Hill is excellent, with Roday's comedic timing and Hill's facial expressions the things to watch. They are ably supported by the rest of the cast as well. This show also has some great guest stars! 

Watch out for numerous pop culture references!

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My Top 3 picks for the season are :

3)From the Earth to the Starbucks(Episode 10)

When Lassiter begins to doubt his own ability as a detective, Shawn decides to work the case to prove that Lassiter was right in the first place. In the end, when Shawn finally cracks open the case, he lets Lassiter realise the truth himself. A great moment in the show!

2)Cloudy....with a chance of murder(Episode 12)

Shawn stumbles upon a case in the court in which he gets a feeling that the defendant didn't commit the crime. The duo horn their way into the case as murder consultants, and have to motivate the attorney who is low on confidence.

1)Nine Lives(Episode 5)

The funniest episode of the season, this episode had everything  Psych is known for. When the police labels a mysterious death as suicide, Shawn thinks it is a murder, and he pretends to form a psychic connection with the cat of the deceased.