Well, we've gotten another Psych episode in the rear view after Wednesday's "Heeeeere's Lassie" episode. For those of you who haven't seen it yet, you may want to skip the rest of the review, because there will be plenty of spoilers. Moving on, this episode was obviously based on "The Shining". However, it also had plenty of other knods to other shows and movies as usual. One of my favorite moments is seeing Shawn and Gus basically dressed as ghost busters when coming to investigate Lassie's condo.

 And not to get too far ahead, but that's the crux of this story. Lassie moves into a condo which was previously occupied by a suicide victim. It's only after Lassie decides to take one man's tragedy and turn it into his treasure by moving in that we find out about the condo's history. The man who lived in the same condo before the suicide victim also apparently killed himself. Both were reportedly stable people before having moved into the condo and then started acting crazy. It doesn't take long for Lassie to start experiencing similar effects. Seemingly fearing for his own sanity and perhaps a ghost or two, Lassie reluctantly enlists Psych for help. One of the surprising moments of the episode is seeing Henry and Gus agreeing that Lassie's condo may actually be haunted while Shawn is the one to believe otherwise. Maybe Shawn is growing up a little. Or maybe not. Who knows?

 Moving forward, Lassie's behavior reaches the breaking point when Gus finds the source of Lassie's hallucinations. It turns out that Lassie was being gassed with a chemical which has some bad effects on people's mental state. Unfortunately for all involved, when Gus finds the chemical, Lassie spots him and assumes that he is planting it and not removing it. This results in an enraged and deranged Lassie attacking Gus with a sword. Gus runs throughout the building, trying to get away from Lassie until he reaches a dead end. Luckily, Shawn arrives just in time to prevent Lassie from slicing Gus up. Eventually, Shawn and Gus discover who was actually behind everything and it turns out to be a strange, mentally disturbed, and far too clingy girl who lives in the building.

 For those of you who may have seen William Shatner in the previews for this episode and been excited for his return, you may be a bit disappointed. Although he does make an appearance in the episode, it is very short and doesn't happen until the last few minutes. He leaves again after giving Shawn some food for though in terms of his honesty towards Juliet. This sets up more potential focus on Shawn possibly finally admitting to Juliet that he is in fact not a real psychic. Of course, the minute that happens everything could change not just for Shawn and Juliet, but for Psych as a business and for the series itself. So, I for one kind of hope he keeps her in the dark for at least the rest of this season. Other than all that, this episode was good, but not great. The pacing seemed a bit odd to me. I found myself wanting more by the end as if this were a shorter than average episode. There certainly was a lot of focus on Lassie in this one. And that's fine. Lassie is a good character. But I'm starting to miss more of Shawn's actual mystery solving abilities. He displayed some here and there in this episode, but not quite as much as I'd have liked. I guess you can't have it all every episode. That being said, I think this was a good episode, but not as good as "Indiana Shawn and The Temple of The Kinda Crappy Rusty Old Dagger." Maybe if I were as big a fan of "The Shining" as I am of the Indiana Jones movies, I'd feel differently though. Give it a try and see what you think. Again, if you're hoping for a lot of William Shatner, this won't be a great one for you though. I'm hoping we'll see him again this season. Either way, I'll be watching.