In this episode, we see the return of one of Gus' friends with "Tony" played by Jaleel White and the addition of a new one in "Drake". The missing friend from the episode "High top fade out", Jun, made the group short by one again when performing as the musical Blackapella. So, Shawn once again joined in to fill the fourth spot and once again tried to rename the group, Quarterblack. At any rate, the group was set to perform at a fundraiser to help an organization dedicated to ridding the surrounding neighborhoods of gang violence and fear. The leader of the organization was played by Cheech Marin. Things seem to be alright as Shawn, Gus, and the rest of the group take the stage and perform "Let my people go." But then, Shawn drops to his knees as the song ends and tells Gus to get him to a hospital.

Flash forward to Shawn's hospital bed and we find out that he had to have his appendix removed. There is some funny banter involving Shawn's complete lack of medical knowledge, fear that he was going to die, and the fact that Henry had to pay for Shawn's operation and hospital room since Shawn has no insurance. Not long after that, we find out that after Shawn was taken to the hospital, Cheech was shot!! Well, his character was anyway. And having been helped by the group leader in their own youths, Gus' friends immediately decide to help investigate and find the shooter and bring him to justice or as Drake says repeatedly, kill him. However, as Shawn is still recovering from his surgery, it appears that Psych cannot take the case. But that doesn't stop Tony and Drake from talking Gus into going with them to investigate anyway. This leads to the three getting into a little bit of mischief before Shawn is made aware of what's been going on. That leads to one of the most hilarious moments of the season so far in my opinion. Instead of trying to talk him out of continuing to investigate, Shawn insists that Gus take him with him in a manner of speaking. So, using a face time program and an ipad, Gus carries Shawn with him for the remainder of the investigation.

Some of the funniest moments of this episode were when Gus and his friends are working with Lassie. Usually it's Shawn who comes up with the more witty name calling on the show, but Lassie is no slouch at it in this one. At one point, I believe it was Drake who questioned, "He has to run out of black musician references at some point, right?" To this Gus and Tony both agreed that it was unlikely. Speaking of Lassie, we also get to see a little more of his new girlfriend in her temporary prison environment. Thanks to their investigating, the guys found someone who they thought might have more information about the shooter, but that person was a woman who was locked up in the women's prison at the moment and really didn't like telling the cops anything. So, it was decided that they would try to get Marlo closer to her to get some information. That led to some interesting moments and a new hairdoo for Lassie's girlfriend.

Aside from the prison hijinks, Shawn was still quite active from his hospital bed and thanks to the ipad was still able to see clues and help with the case. In fact, Shawn was able to fairly easily solve the case toward the end, but sent Gus, Lassie, and Juliet in the wrong direction intentionally. The reason for this was that the shooter was actually already in Shawn's hospital room and holding a gun on him. Shawn convinces the shooter that it's not very smart to try to shoot two guys (Cheech was in the bed next to Shawn) in a hospital. People would hear and the guy would never get away. So, instead he decides to let the morphine do the job for him. This is where Henry's cheapness and lack of sympathy for his son pays off. Shawn's "morphine" had been switched long ago for simple gluten I believe they said it was and Shawn faked succumbing to the effects of the drug until his opportunity came to overtake the gunman.

Overall, this was a good episode. At the beginning, I was afraid Shawn would have very little part in the episode due to being in the hospital for most of it, but I have to admit that some of the funniest stuff came from him on that ipad. And it was kind of cool to see Shawn piece things together about the case and pick up on clues without even really being there. It would have been nice to see a little more of Juliet and in particular the chief in this one. Chief Vic really hasn't been too big a part of the show this season. I believe we're now down to just three episodes left in this season and it's shaped up to be one of the better seasons so far in my opinion. I still can't wait for the next episode each week and that's always a good sign. Next week's episode is called "Autopsy turvey" I believe. It looks to be another interesting one. You never know what this show will throw at you from one week to the next, but that's part of the fun in it. So, I'll be back again next week with another review. Untill then, you'll just have to keep looking for the pineapple.