psych santabarbaratown 2

Okay, the LONG awaited return of Psych is now official. The episode was "Santabarbaratown 2". And is of course, the second part to the season six cliffhanger of the same name. Those who saw season six will recall that Shawn's dad, Henry was shot in the end and his fate remained unclear to fans for these last ten and a half ridiculously long months. Now, we know his fate. As if you didn't already realize, this is your "spoiler" alert. I'm about to tell you and I'm going to tell you quite a bit about the rest of the episode as well. So, if you don't want to know untill you can see it for yourself, you'd best close this article now. Still there? Okay. You've been warned. 

 So, Henry makes it. He is in intensive care and odds are that had Shawn not gotten there when he did, Henry's old "friend" probably would have finished him off. Shawn spends a good amount of time this episode fuming over what Carp, the excop and ex friend of Henry who shot him, had done. And rightfully so if you ask me. We've never seen Shawn this angry and in a way, I liked it. It was rightous anger in my opinion. But moving on, while others around him said for Shawn to step away from the case of tracking down and apprehending Carp, Shawn ignored them and pressed on anyway. This included both Gus and more forcefully, Juliet. However, Shawn did get an unofficial go ahead from Chief vic. And even Lassie ends up giving Shawn as much help as he can without getting fired. It was evident that everyone wanted the same thing here... to get the dirtbag who shot Henry. 

 Things got more complicated once Shawn realized that Carp was more than a one time dirty dealer as it were and was into something now which was bigger than the crimes he was connected to in the previous episode. Turns out that he was involved with a bigger group which was in the business of arms dealings with foreign countries. This being a big big no no, the feds were involved and that put a hault to the SBPD's involvement as the FBI already had an inside man involved in the investigation and they couldn't risk blowing all the work he'd already put into it. 

 Again Shawn wouldn't quite. And who could really blame him? Throughout the episode we get to see Shawn using his abilities which are just as sharp as ever while quickly working to uncover the bigger picture and where the bad guys are hiding. It's good to see he can still be a top notch investigator even in the midst of the emotional turmoil he was in at the time. And as I said before, Shawn didn't do it alone. Toward the end of the episode, it looks as though Shawn had come up just shy of his goal and was about to be shot by the same guy who shot his dad and in comes Juliet to the rescue. Everyone who should go to jail goes to jail or presumably to the morgue. And the good guys all survive to be in the next episode. So, all's well that ends well. Don't be fooled though. Even during all the serious stuff going on in this episode, there was still plenty of time for Shawn and Gus to act like fools and created plenty of laughter. Overall, this was a top notch Psych episode. I'm still miffed that the show took this long to come back on air, but if they can keep up this level of quality and not lose sight of what made the show good in the first place, I'll most likely keep watching. And if you haven't been watching, you may want to start.