This episode sees Shawn and Gus go on a reality television show when a contestant has an "accident" and falls into a coma. This marks the first time since I believe it was season two in the classic episode "American Duos" that Shawn and Gus have taken part in a contest on reality television. In fact, between their appearances on the two reality shows and Shawn's brief stint on a spanish speaking soap opera, it's got to be getting harder to conceal their identities when going undercover on cases. I'd like to see someone recognize one of them some time from one of those shows. I think it could make for a funny exchange and to see how Shawn would talk his way out of it might be interesting.

Anyway, back to the episode at hand, the reality show is very similar to the bachelor or bachelorette. The difference is that the contestants are all people whom the bachelorette could have connected to at some point in her life, but didn't. So, they're all people she either met or had the opportunity to meet or whatever. So, when one of the contestants (in fact the one whom she was about to pick as the winner) slips into a coma from the aforementioned "accident", Shawn and Gus initially suspect that one of the other contestants may have been behind it in an effort to force a different outcome. There are a couple of somewhat big name guest stars in this episode. The Miz from the WWE plays one of the contestants. And Wayne Brady plays the host of the show.

In an effort to get closer to the other contestants and potential suspects, Shawn and Gus also become contestants and this makes for some interesting if awkward moments between Shawn and Juliet. One line which I particularly liked was when Juliet said, "You kiss her, you die." to Shawn right after explaining that she wasn't jealous at all and understood that Shawn was only on the show in order to help solve the case. In fact, Shawn clearly attempts to be unappealing to the girl throughout much of the contest. Henry even gets involved at one point when the girl and the camera crew apparently paid him a visit. Henry also had a very good line: "You're too good for my son." The only thing wrong with that is if this girl is too good for Shawn, what about Juliet? And maybe that's something we'll see more of as the season progresses. We've seen what Juliet's father thinks of her relationship with Shawn, but even though he's around more often, we really haven't seen much of Henry's reaction to it this season.

Moving on, Gus' most memorable moments of the episode were probably his creepiest. That seems to happen any time he tries to be smooth with the ladies though. One of my best friends used to be the same way. When he'd talk to a girl, his voice would change and he'd start saying ridiculous stuff. We called it his "pimp voice". So, don't feel bad Gus. You're not alone. Lassie's part this week was not nearly as large as in the last episode, but that's to be expected considering that he was a main focus in the last one. Still, it is fun to watch him interogate the reality show's director who clearly thinks himself untouchable. I kind of get the feeling that breaking guys like that is a driving force behind why Lassie loves his job so much.

In the end, the case is wrapped up when Shawn realizes through some old scripts he saw and some doctored footage from the show that it was in fact.... the cameraman who was behind everything. He'd actually come up with the idea for the show, but been cheated by his friend, the director, and seemingly completely cut off from the profits the show might produce. This show was fun, but probably not really a highlight in comparison to the rest of the season thus far. We don't have a whole lot left to go in the season and we've had some pretty awesome stuff along the way. My biggest complaint so far is just that it seems like it's going by too fast. This is one of those shows that I find myself wishing was more like 24 episodes a season instead of 16. But them's the breaks kids. So, I'll be back at the computer to hammer out another review next week. I believe the next episode is "Let's doo wop it again." See you then.