Hippies formed a dominant culture during the middle of the 1960’s, so their costumes are absolutely perfect for anybody that was part of the baby boomer era! When it comes to hippie costumes, there are a ton of ideas that you can work with; everything ranging from do-it-yourself to store bought costumes are available. However, some of those costumes are simply “not worth it” in terms of the money and time spent purchasing/creating them.

This article is geared towards exposing the absolute best hippie costume ideas. Although I have recommended them for people from the baby boomer era, pretty much anyone can wear these 1960’s costumes!

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How To Dress Up Like A Hippie From The 60’s

One of the best ways to create a costume is to simply dress up like a typical person from that culture or era; in this case, you should be trying to mimic someone from the 1960’s! The decade was all about peace and love, so the best ideas for hippie costumes include some of the ideas that you will find in the next few paragraphs!

Hippies weren’t about wearing clothes that were tailored and by brand names, but they had a “wear anything” type of attitude. If I had to choose two clothing styles of the 1960’s they would definitely be bellbottom jeans, and tie dye t shirts!

These types of clothing gave off the relaxed look and feel that many hippies desired, so the best costume ideas will incorporate them in one way or another! Take a look at the hippie costume accessories on Amazon and you’ll definitely find a wide variety of afros, headbands, pink sunglasses, and frilled vests!

A Flower Child Is The Perfect Hippie Costume For Women

When it came to women dressing up in the 60’s, the flower child look was the way to go. With that being said, a flower child costume is the best idea for women to execute when trying to dress up like a hippie!

In order to look like a flower child, you should put on a white peasant top, and a pair of embroidered blue jeans. A long skirt that is made from patches of material can also be substituted for the blue jeans depending on whether it is warm or cold outside!

You can choose to create a do-it-yourself hippie costume of this sort by combining some of the clothes that you have in your closet with the sewing skills that you may have, or you can head to Amazon to look at their hippie costumes for women if you are looking for a store-bought one!

Dress Up In 60’s Mod Costumes

In addition to the flower girl look, many men and women chose to dress up in the “mod” look during the hippie era! The Mod look involved brighter clothing that stood out more, rather than the neutral tones that were involved in the flower child look!

Mod hippie costumes are suited for people that have dominant and loud personalities. These types of hippie costume ideas attract a lot of attention, so they are perfect for people that love the attention. These Mod hippies were also the rebels of that decade, so these are the perfect costumes for rebels that want to dress up for Halloween.

A fantastic mod hippie costume idea includes a short skirt with a vibrant pattern on it, knee-high boots, and a very wide belt! All of the best mod costumes include bright colors, promiscuous clothes, and funky patterns!

The Best Hippie Costume For Men

Most men dressed the same during the 1960’s, so it is relatively easy to explain this hippie costume idea! Head to your local costume store to buy a wig that has very long hair on it (or grow your own out if you have enough time), and wear a bandana with a funky pattern around your head.

Throw on a pair of casual jeans, a white top, and a brown vest with frills on it, and you will look like a man that has come right out of a magazine cover from the 1960’s. I would highly recommend this outfit, out of all of the men’s hippie costume ideas, simply because it best represents the way that males styled their hair and wore their clothing during the 1960’s!

There are hundreds of different ways to wear these hippie costumes, especially when it comes to the do-it-yourself versions. You can literally use any combination of the hippie accessories that I have listed above and it will simply look amazing!

Use any of these ides when you are creating hippie costumes, and you will definitely attract the attention of everyone around you! For an even better effect, be sure to talk like a person from the 1960’s!