Pokemon and Personality Disorders

You know what I’ve found? We’re all mentally “ill” in some way. Even the proverbial “perfect human beings" are just people with an egotistic drive to maintain a social image. These "disorders" should never be viewed as something “wrong”, or as conditions which require behavioral therapy. Even if you are sure that there is absolutely nothing wrong with you, a shrink will most likely be able to conjure something up and make you believe otherwise, I can guarantee this. So, if it's normal to have a disorder, then is our view of what "normal"  is actually not by definition “normal” at all? Yes, I’d say so. Want to know what I think of people without disorders? Boring. Boring itself should be a disorder, right? The spices of character enhance the meal of life.

To put this as an analogy, I like to look at people and disorder as...Pokemon. Those afflicted with these “personality disorders” could be compared to special-type Pokemon, while the mundane “nothing wrong” people can be compared to normal-type Pokemon. In Pokemon, special-type Pokemon are extremely proficient at using certain moves, but only ones that are within its own element(an electric Pokemon using thunder shock, for example). This augments the damage dealt to the opponent. They have strengths that can completely obliterate a Pokemon, but only if that opposing Pokemon is susceptible to that element. On the contrary, they are equally susceptible to their own weaknesses. 

Normal-type Pokemon on the other hand, don’t have strengths or weaknesses. They do the same http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_QWiwZvIq9hQ/TNkjOqLQAoI/AAAAAAAAAlY/L8mOHgDSxH4/s1600/pokemon-pickachu.jpgiterative amount of damage to almost every type, and that same dull damage is reciprocated back at them. They don’t dominate, nor do they ever excel. These Pokemon lack that “special niche” that all special-type Pokemon possess. A Charizard may believe that he is the weakest and most pathetic Pokemon in existence if he was forced to contend with a water-type Pokemon such as Blastoise. Assessing out mental health by our “disorders” is analogous to judging a fish by its inability to walk. If you’re too excited, you’re ADHD, if you’re not excited enough, you’ve got chronic apathy, and if you switch between the two, you’re bipolar.

People with these disorders often take prescribed drugs to suppress who they truly are, usually to correct their “deviant” behavior. You may wonder “Well, how else can I live like others?” You see, in life you know there will be those trainer battles that you know you can’t run from. This doesn’t mean your whole life should be a battle. Stay out of the tall grass if that’s not where your catch is. Don’t work a “normal job” if you feel it's your calling, challenge the Elite Four instead. 

A career is like a Poke-ball, you’ll only succeed if you can feel that “click”. Sometimes, certain Pokemon will always break out of the balls, while others may sacrifice personal freedom to live within the comfort of financial stability a plain Poke-ball provides. Whether you choose to battle until your HP is 0, or hide within the comfort of your ball, it is essential accept your own type. Love who you are, and embrace it. This is the most important step towards personal evolution. Whether you love the quest you chose or you hate it, the battery is always running. In life, there are no eight gym badges you are told to collect. You have to find out for yourself: What will make YOU a Pokemon master?

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