Understanding psychic abilities

Connecting with your psychic side

Every psychic medium is different and employs different techniques but we all, as individuals, have the ability to tap into our inner mind’s eye or psychic insight. This does not mean that we have to experience ghostly vibes and even see ghosts around every corner but it does mean a better spiritual awareness. Most likely it will be in dreams related to mediumistic abilities and spirit like or astral experiences. Everyone should, at some point in their life, have a kind of spiritual experience to move them, where they know it is a real psychic experience. This experience may not be at a high level such as that of a fully fledged psychic medium but you will feel the spirit move within you. People do realize now that they too can develop spiritual abilities, instead of having to pay someone for answers to life’s dilemmas. 

Psychic source

Psychic means what?

A psychic might be called a medium or a clairvoyant and can be a person possessing powers that are outside the laws of nature. This is but one definition because psychic can be the description of a phenomena such as telepathy or clairvoyance. Psychics, plural, refer to individuals who study psychic phenomena. Sometimes a psychic will read you mind (or soul) but more usually they will read your palms or perform a tarot card reading or even on occasion a dream analysis based on prophetic dreams. Psychic can refer to the seventh son of a seventh son but there are so many ways to describe who, or what, psychic is. Modern families rarely have as many as 7 children so this is a somewhat nebulous way to describe a psychic.

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Psychic Spirit Ability

Making contact

If a psychic agrees to do a group session or reading then a member of the group will pose a question requiring an answer that will be psychic in nature. The question will usually relate to the spiritual plane and will likely concern somebody who has died. The psychic will make contact with the dead spirit and elicit answers to be relayed to whoever asked the question. This is not merely a case of being telepathic but of using unnatural means of communication between the living and the departed. Psychics are the transport mediums for information flowing between two worlds; one on the spiritual plane and the other based in reality.

Psychic Skeptics

Psychic viewingMuch skepticism exists concerning the spirit world and spirits themselves but psychics will claim that they receive guidance and information from spirit entities such as guardian angels, deities or the spirits of people who have recently shed their mortal coil. The ability of the psychic to travel through other astral planes to communicate with invisible entities is not always believed and the true psychic faces a constant battle to legitimize or prove their talents. Critics claim that psychics can trick clients with their so called ‘magical’ powers or that those who visit psychics are weak-willed and perhaps self-delusional too.

Scientific view of psychics

Not surprisingly the Science view is that there is no justification or substance to psychics and the paranormal world they deal with.  Such a world could not impinge upon the mind or psyche of a scientist who must have the use of reliable, rational knowledge to make declarations that are absolutely logical in nature. No surprise there, as science is a factual based study and cannot measure what cannot be comprehended by many people.  The use of Ouija boards by amateurs and groups of intoxicated revelers has not helped the psychic cause but yet many people have a healthy fear of the unknown that includes mystics, spiritualists and psychics.

Fortune Tellers 

Psychics are sometimes labeled fortune tellers who seemingly can obtain information concerning events or outcomes that have not yet come to pass. If you fear for the future then it is best not to seek the advice of a psychic. A psychic will describe only things that may happen but the individual has complete control over how events will turn out. Future predictions are just that, predictions so be aware that you future is not set in stone and that you have full control of your destiny.

More or less fortune tellers

 A form of amusement can be provided by pseudo psychics or charlatans who make money from practicing fortune telling. Typically they trade at funfairs and circuses and many young people take their amusement from this source. The information they provide is lighthearted in nature and similar to short snippets one would find in fortune cookies. They do not reveal anything of substance and should be treated lightly. Your future finances, love interests and job prospects are unlikely to be influenced by anything you might here at these venues. As a general rule, people under the age of 18 should not indulge in these activities, although many do so.

Psychic power manifestation

During a reading the psychic will ask question and may deduce quite a lot from your answers. At a single sitting this is important as the psychic must be able to ascertain if information they divulge might have a negative effect on the person who requested the reading. The psychic is sensitive (indeed the word sensitive can be used to describe a psychic) and can interact with the paranormal to seek assistance and guidance. This connection by the psychic with the paranormal allows information that initially seemed to be unattainable to come to light and perhaps comfort the enquirer. The psychic power can manifest itself in many ways including complete voice changes and hallucinatory trances in the psychic.

Seeking psychic help

If someone belonging to you has died and you think that a visit to a reputable psychic might help then be sure to bring some token, connected with the departed person, to the session. It might be a glove or a trinket of some kind or perhaps a small charm representing their astrology star sign (preferably one that they have worn or kept about their person). The tactile nature of such things (good luck charm, ring or bracelet) will be of enormous help to the psychic in making a connection to the spirit world. It is important to keep our minds open when it comes to such matters, even if we have our doubts because not everything in this world (or the spiritual one) makes scientific sense.   

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