Psychic Abilities: Easy Ways To Develop Them
Credit: Le Petit Poulailler (cc)

Psychic abilities are exoticized beyond distinction in modern day media, but the practice of glamorizing the intuitive faculty is nothing new. Unfortunately, the grander and less believable we perceive our psi abilities to be, the more we tend to push them from our reach. This is to our disadvantage if we allow it. People out of touch with their intuition are easier to control and rarely connected with their life purpose in a healthy manner. Realizing psychic abilities are a very natural part of our internal gps and defense system, more of us can come back into balance with the idea of developing them.


Attention Overcomes Atrophy

Anything that lacks attention will wither to some degree. If you were told since childhood that your gifts are your imagination and nothing more, you might have left them to collect dust. Getting your intuition back into shape can take love and care, but there are two methods (one with a few variations) that can help you to get reacquainted with the “true” perceptive you that you've lost touch with. Attention alone will help the growth of that which it's focused upon (intention is powerful). Specialized exercises are icing on the cake.


Methods For Developing Psychic Abilities

  • Make a card deck full of symbolic pictures that inspire you. Take your time with it. It should have at least nine cards, but you don't have to go by any pre-configured system. This is your deck. Craft it to your tastes. You can doodle the images, sketch them, make vectors on your pc and print them, or make a collage design on each card with pictures you're attracted to. When it's ready, begin to pull one random card each day from your deck. Keep a journal with the day's date each card is pulled, and write a summary of the vibrational experience. Through this practice you'll explore your personal archetypes and the patterns in your life. Overtime, you'll recognize the vibrational energies by their vibe and won't need to pull a card to sense what patterns are emerging on a particular day.
  • Alternatively, pull a card a day from a regular pack of playing cards. Be sure they've been shuffled, and set the card you select down. Take note of the date and card you've received; it's best if you record this in a journal you can refer to later. As with the inspiration deck, see how the day's events and overall tone reveal the symbolism of the card. Overtime, you will recognize “the vibe” of a particular day waking up in the morning. Once you're in touch with this faculty, you can begin to stretch your command over your psychic abilities by “feeling” a day out and making general predictions.
  • Meditate with amethyst or quartz crystal for no more than an hour each day. You can chant “I trust my intuition” or “My intuition grows stronger” if you need to keep your mind focused. Allow any distracting thoughts to float by like sailboats. If you don't engage with them, they can't disrupt your session. You will open yourself to high vibrations working with these stones (hold them or set them in a satchel in your pocket while you meditate). Be especially sure to eat something to ground yourself after each session. If you don't want to eat, drink something grounding like coffee. You can alternatively meditate on the image of a stone to regain “come back to earth” consciousness. Grounding is a crucial step.


Psychic abilities are a natural aspect of the human experience. There's no true hocus-pocus about it. We've all had flashes of our sixth sense, but without identifying it for what it is, it's easy to dismiss these brushes with our higher faculties as rare. They don't have to be.