A Psychic Medium as a person that allegedly is able to communicate with dead people.
Whether this is a fact or fiction you will have to decide for yourself.

In order to prescribe to a belief in that you must first believe that we do have a soul, or spirit that survives our physical death. I've personally known people who did not believe in a hereafter in any form but were forced to rearrange their thought patterns because of events they did not have an explanation for.

Personally I've always been fascinated by anything that was associated with the supernatural or anything that could be labeled by the word "psychic" That does not mean I'm a staunch believer in psychic phenomena but they certainly give food for thought.

The word "psychic" comes from the Greek word psychikos, meaning: "of the soul, mental" Soul describes the spiritual part of a living being. The soul is the part that has to be there in order to be alive. At least this is the belief of various religions and philosophies.
The word soul and spirit can be interchanged. However some people believe the soul is the immaterial part of us that causes us to be alive and the spirit is this soul after it has left our body. It is just a matter of opinion and from what angle people look at this.

The psychic medium communicates with spirits by using extra sensory perception or ESP. Mediumship is just a form of communication with the dead. The psychic is the messenger that gets the mesage from the spirit and passes it on the the surviving loved ones or/and friends.

The psychic will use all or some of the psychic senses that I' going to mention. I will use the word "he" when referring to the psychic. That does not mean it cannot be a "she". You may substitute the "he" for "she". I just don't want to keep typing he/she :)

(The following terms were taking from Wikipedia and explained in my own words)

  • Clairvoyance:(Clear seeing) The medium will see things that are not physically present. For instance he might see the physical appearance of the spirit the way it looked when living. By seeing the physical form in his mind the medium can describe what the spirit looked like in life. Or he can describe mannerisms that would validate the communication witht that specific spirit.
  • Clairaudience:(Clear hearing) The medium hears the thoughts and voice of the spirit in his mind.
  • Clairsentience: (Clear sensing)The medium feels sensations instilled by the spirit. HE senses what it is the spirit tries to communicate.
  • Clairsentinence:(Clear feeling) The medium can actually feel the physical pain the spirit experienced at the time of death. Chest pain if the spirit exited the body after being shot or having a heart attack. Or any pain associated with the trauma that was the cause of death.
  • Clairalience:(Clear smelling) The medium detects a smell of tobacco, after shave or perfume that the spirit may have used while living. The surviving family would easily connect these smells with the spirit when he was still alive.
  • Clairgustance: (Clear taste) The medium receives a taste impression from the spirit. A taste the family will immediately recognize as a food or sweet that the spirit used to be fond of when alive. Or maybe even a taste he hated.

People may be part of the audience during a TV show, featuring a Psychic Medium. In these instances spirits might come through to the medium and he will get impressions and messages. He will throw these out to his audience and see what people will react. Often there might be different groups of people thinking the message is for them. But as the messages the medium receives will get more precise, eventually the people targeted by the spirit will be the only ones still understanding what they're told and they will recognize who is contacting them.

Critics will say the psychic just keeps throwing messages and questionsto the audience till eventually somebody fits those messages.

I do not know what to think, really. But there are so many things we don't understand. That does not mean they don't exist.

I do know that, if I ever decided to see a psychic medium, I would not volunteer any information while making the appointment. Just my name so they know who has the appointment on a certain day at a certain time. Also, I would realize I cannot decide whom I want to communicate with through the medium. I believe the spirits will decide who will show up. I might want to talk with my Dad but may have to chat with my grandmother instead.

We do not decide whom we are going to contact in the spirit world. The spirits decide that.