Psychic Twins Predictions for 2012Credit: Linda and Terry Jamison

With so much dooms day reporting going on regarding the end of the world in 2012, many people are looking to the psychic twins predictions for 2012 to set the story straight about what in fact will happen in 2012. And for good reason. Linda and Terri Jamison have a stellar record for predicting world events with a stunning specificity including: JFK Jr. dying by plane crash, the world trade center bombings in 2001 and two stock market crashes.

So what do mediums, Linda and Terry predict for 2012? Well it's may not be what many negative dooms day people are espousing. In fact, the psychic twins don't believe that the world is ending any time soon, particularly in 2011. However, there are lessons and messages that Mayan Indians were trying to tell us.

The fortune telling sisters are in fact spiritual and believe in metaphysics, which simply explores the science of belief and that thoughts and things are merely energy. And that thinking makes it so. The good news is, no matter how much negative energy the Nostradamus followers espouse, the world will still be in tact in 2012 and 2013 for that matter too.

 So what are the Psychic Twins Predictions for 2012?

Important to note that the twins don't use tarot cards, i-ching or any other divination tools. They use their intuition as mediums to predict the future.

1. Extreme Weather Patterns:

The spiritual sisters do believe that we'll likely experience more extreme weather patterns. In fact, the Linda and Terry appeared on the View on July in 2010 and predicted category 4 and 5 hurricanes, this would later be known Irene. Sure, it was hurricane season, but many on the east coast had never seen anything like Irene ever. Regrettably the twins warn that there will be increases in these strange and dangerous weather patterns in 2012.

2. President Barack Obama Will Not Win in 2012:

This prediction hasn't yet been reconfirmed by the twins, but in 2010, the twin sisters did come out to say that President Obama would be a one term President. They also predicted in 2010 that in 2011, he'd have a hard time pushing his policies and agenda through and he would be met with resistance and fierce opposition at every turn. It's possible that the twins were alluding too the government shutdown scares, Obama's healthcare plan and jobs' bill. The psychic twins also predicted that in 2011, many women would win local and national elections.

3. Job Loss, Entrepreneurial and Closer Spiritual Connection for 2012:

Unfortunately the psychic twins do see more recessionary times in 2012, but the psychic twins believed that this loss would encourage people to find their right path and work. The twins believed that the Mayans did predict a civil unrest of sorts in 2012 and not the end of the world. The twins believe that it's this unrest which will cause people to seek a greater truth and understanding about themselves and the world they live in. They also believe that the recession is a lesson on how to live and within one's means and absent from greed. The sisters also believe that more movements like the Occupy movement would cause people to ask deeper meaningful questions about jobs in this country. Out of this movement and larger conversation, the sisters believe that many people will go on to create their own opportunities.

 And while some people turn to numerology or tarot cards to predict their own future, many others turn to psychic twins predictions for 2012. Luckily, we can all rest good knowing that the end of the world isn't coming, but rather greater opportunities created often by chaos.