Linda and Terry Jamison - Psychic TwinsCredit: Linda and Terry Jamison - Psychic Twins

The Psychic twins have predicted everything from 9-11 to JFK Jr's plane crash to two major stock market crashes, and as a logical progression people are taking note of the psychic twins predictions for 2012. Terry and Linda are on the books for being the only psychic twins in the world, even given the fact that twins have often been noted to having psychic connections with one another and extrasensory perception just in general. The psychic twins are practicing Buddhist and meta-physicians. Metaphysics simply refers to the the ideology of thoughts and things having energy. More simply: Thinking makes it so and positive energy and thinking results in a positive outcome, with the reverse also being true.

And while many believe that 2012 will signal the end of the world. The psychic twins argue that in fact this was never predicted by the Mayans nor is Nostradamus even to be taken seriously. However, the chaos that people are feeling in their lives when it comes to the uncertain economic times serves for a greater example in how we ought to live and shift for 2012 and beyond.

 Top Three Things We Can Learn from the Psychic Twins Predictions for 2012

 1. Finding Right Work:

The twins, Terry and Linda Jamison believe that the Mayans did note that there would be chaos in 2012 and a shift of consciousness. This has even been seen on Occupy Wall street in 2010. The twins also believe that this unrest will cause people to ask more meaningful questions about the work they are doing. And that there are lessons even in recessionary times. The Jamisons believe that negative things happen for a reason and cause us to make necessary changes. The twins believe that people will begin to seek this greater truth and to really analyze why they are doing the jobs they are currently doing. And begin to seek out their greater purpose and make sure that it aligns with their true life's purpose and their personal goals.

2. Rejection of Fear Mongering

 The twins believe that the Mayan calendar is being incorrectly interpreted and in fact, the Mayans never alluded to the end of the world occurring nor would it happen in 2012.What the Mayans DID predict was the chaos before the calm. In fact, just think about what chaos theory actually means. It suggests that chaos and uprooting needs to occur in order to peel back the metaphoric layers. It's not altogether clear why fear mongering occurs. If there's someone sitting high atop all of the frenzy laughing and pointing at the people who scurry about getting their affairs in order for the end of the world, or if the fear mongers are just as scared as the ones scurrying about obsessing about their mortality in 2012.

3. Having Gratitude and Perspective

 In most metaphysical text all blessings typically flow from being grateful. In fact, the psychic twins predictions for 2012 are all about getting back to gratitude. They believe that part of the unrest that people feel in their lives, has a lot to do with greed. Amassing stuff for all the wrong reasons and wanting more shiny stuff to replace the older less shiny stuff. Over time it causes people to just become mass consumers and in turn working meaningless jobs just to buy more things. When one's focus is just on making money to buy things, one naturally becomes discontented.