There is a proven relationship between mind, spirit and body. Many times a person bitten by snake dies of fear than the actual poison itself. Many times diseases and illnesses are conceived by the mind. If people feel better mentally, they will get better physically. Psychic healing involves using the mind to heal physical and emotional ailments. Psychic healing, in other words, refer to an attempt to bring physical healing to a person by methods like Reiki, hypnosis etc. This type of Healing is also called as contact healing or spirit healing.

Every human being has an energy field composed of several colors which are referred to as an 'Aura'. If any particular organ in your physical body is denied a certain color or colors that it relies upon it refuses to function in the normal manner. When someone falls ill, the imbalances would be visible on the aura of that person. By curing the energy fields around such a person will cure the illness. In Psychic healing cosmic rays pass from the healer's body into the affected organ or parts of the patient. According to Ayurveda system of treatment, there are three types of imbalances which can happen in the human body.

They are

1. Vata (Wind) - It is indicated by accumulation of toxic matter in the human body. It is balanced by using the Green color rays.

2. Pitha (Bile) - It is indicated by excess of heat in the body. This can be balanced by using the cold colors like Violet, Indigo and Blue.

3. Kapha (Mucus) - It is indicated by the excess of cold in the body. This can be balanced by using the hot colors like Yellow, Orange and Red.

For having good health it is essential to have the colors in the spectrum in the human body in a balanced manner.