Psychics and clairvoyants have been in existence through the ages. Many kings and other leaders in ancient times made serious decisions regarding their country based on their belief that these peoples could predict the future. If their action was successful, the person making the prediction was viewed as a valued sorcerer. They were also supposed to be able to put together 'spells' to bring about certain results.

There have been arguments over the years as to whether there were people who really had this extra power of ESP, to talk to the dead, look into the future and do many other things. Some of this doubt has been dispelled by the use of many police departments to use people with this ability help them find evidence in some of their crime problems. In many of these cases, the people were able to help tremendously.

Everyone has five senses. They are seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling and touch. The definition of a psychic is someone who has a sixth sense to perceive something else. In other words, being able see into the future as well as beyond the physical world. Clairvoyant is one of the types of psychic ability.

Many people insist that animals are psychic. There was a case recently reported where a cat in a rest home, who was not particularly friendly, would always go and lie on the bed of someone who passed away a short time later. This was recorded time after time and indicated that the cat sensed the person was dying and was comforting them on their journey. Other cases of similar experiences have also been recorded.

Some advertisements are now being made that one can learn to be a psychic. It is claimed that each person has a separate energy body, which can be developed to allow it to join with one's regular body. This phenomenon, when combined with brain waves allows one to go into the desired state of predicting the future. Nothing has been found as to the results of this type of training although there are many blogs on the Internet from people who claim to have this ability.

Psychics and clairvoyants have been on the scene for many years. They have proved many times over that they have special abilities that are beyond the average person's comprehension. It is during the past few years that they have become so prominent in the public eye with more people interested in this developing this ability.