What is My Learning Type?

The three basic learning types are visual, auditory, and kinesthetic. Although no single type is better than any other, they are all very different and their effectiveness varies from person to person. As individuals we all learn better when we are able to use our own personal learning type. To better explain this I will define each type and follow it with a simple example.

Visual learners are able to absorb information best when they see it, like reading a book, studying pictures or diagrams, or watching how something is done. As an example let's look at Jenny, she has trouble listening to her teacher's lecture but if she takes detailed notes and reads the assigned chapters in her workbook the whole lecture seems to suddenly click and make sense. Jenny is a visual learner and needs to see things with her eyes in order for the information to sink in.

Auditory learners on the other hand will do much better in a lecture situation than a visual learner would because auditory learners absorb knowledge easiest when they hear it. Now if you were to have an experiment in your class and handed out written instructions, it is very possible the auditory learners in your class would have trouble following the written instructions if you did not verbally explain the guidelines for those who learn best when they hear things.

Last and certainly not least there are the kinesthetic learners; these are people who learn at their best when they use their hands to do things. This person may not always get things quickly when they are written or spoken but if you show them and let them actually physically do it, the new knowledge comes easily to them. One thing I must comment on, I personally feel that we all favor one learning style, but are equally capable of learning with all styles depending on what you are trying to learn.

I consider myself to be a visual learner because reading and writing are the easiest for me to understand. However while in school trying to learn how to do something physical with my hands automotive repair as example, diagrams and all the reading in the world could only give me a good idea of the subject. I found I could pass the entire written test put in front off me but without being physically shown and allowed to do it on my own I still found myself lost when I slid under a vehicle. So even though we all have our personal learning type that works best for us, keep in mind if the usual way isn't working try any and all other options available to you.