psychology of losing weightCredit:; By Maena

If you're like many people, the game of losing weight can be a frustrating battle. What we consciously or subconsciously say to ourselves can play a big part in if we win or lose the battle. There is some psychology obviously involved in losing weight.

Dieting can be a psychological game in our minds. The only way to take control of it is to know and consciously pay close attention to why we eat. Knowing our habits and what triggers our eating can put a stop to pointless frustration. If you're not hungry, you may be eating for some other reason (boredom, stress etc). Just realizing this can help put an end to it, so you can change the habit. The best way to find out why you eat is to record your moods and hunger status when you eat. Keeping a food diary can make you more aware of the times you eat and the patterns that accompany your eating.

Once you have identified the reason you are eating, you can choose an alternate route. For instance, drink a glass of water, go for a walk, or chew a piece of gum. Only you can discover what will distract you from reaching for more calories. Test these options to see which ones will work for you. Maybe you can come up with some other ways that will work as well.

You can use an object to remind you, like a picture or magnet on your refrigerator. This will reinforce the goals you're trying to reach when you go to the refrigerator or freezer. It will help you understand exactly the reason why you eat.

How we feel about ourselves can also make or break our goals. Learning to love ourselves for who we are, whether we lose weight or not, is important. We are the same person either way. We should be positive about who we are. Be careful what you think or say about yourself. Think encouraging words to yourself. Every negative thought may cause you to spoil the progress you have made.

We have all picked up a lifetime of bad habits like cleaning our plates before we leave the table. We have become a society who eats on the run and with that comes the fast food industry. We are bombarded with fast food commercials which even claim to give us diet solutions. Watching food commercials, can make you hungry, so if you are sitting in front of the T.V. be armed with something to counteract the attack, like celery or apple slices!

In losing weight, we tend to delay or deny the need for a sound diet. The stakes are high, we can be way over our head and there are so many diets out there anyway. Besides there are new diets popping up every day, right? These are just excuses. Getting on track with a good sound diet that has been around for a while, and proven to have good solid results at an even pace is your best bet.