Gentleman get ready

Psy has just released his hit new song called Gentleman and it's once again going viral already. Youtube shares, Facebook likes, and tweets have already been going crazy and it's just come out a few days ago. The song Gentleman is the next masterpiece that Psy has made, and has mentioned himself that he hopes it overtakes his viral hit "Gangnam Style". The success for this song is already laid out before it as people are flocking to the music video and the CDs already. Let's watch the official video and find out more about this new song.

Elements of Gentleman

After watching it we can see that Psy continues to play upon his crazy funny antics to create headlines and buzz, and it certainly does the trick. I can't help but smile and laugh when watching this, and yet at the same time finding myself tapping my foot to the cool beat. Psy certainly doesn't play a gentleman in this video though, taking part in a wide range of rude gestures such as laughing at women falling, pulling chairs out from underPsy GentlemanCredit: Official Gentleman Music Video them, pulling on bikini tops, and generally just being arrogant. His dance moves resemble just that, as Psy himself has called the main dance of Gentleman the "arrogant dance". The choreography is absolutely hilarious as usual and well done, as well as his usual antics of whacky behavior. Playing upon the continued success of his crazy behavior has lead to over 27 million view on youtube in the first day of its release. It's obvious that he's got something really special going on because the world loves his music and his videos. It makes us laugh and it also entertains us, all while making us wonder how someone could come up with a video style like this.

Overshadow Gangnam Style

Psy has made it abundantly clear that he wants his hit new song Gentleman to overtake the success of his first global his Gangnam Style. Gangnam Style propelled him forward into the forefront of modern day music success and quite literally made him an overnight sensation. Now that he has eGangnam styleCredit: Official Gangnam Style Music Videostablished himself he wants to retire that song and make Gentleman the new face of his continued success and endeavor to put out comical, yet entertaining music. With the amount of views his music video is already receiving and how much buzz and attention the song has gotten in just this weekend alone it's obvious that Gentleman is on the fast track to success and global recognition. I'm convinced that Psy's goal will be reached very easily and Gentleman will be his new song and claim to fame.

One can only imagine where this video will be a year from now, but I imagine that as more people catch on to the Psy groove train people will see this video and talk about it more and more. The world obviously loves this guy and wants more of him so I'm watching closely to see what news reports and articles come out of the continued success of Gentleman and future songs that Psy releases

North Korean tensions

Psy has been interviewed on numerous websites and news sites that he is deeply saddened by the way tensions have risen between North and South Korea and he has made it clear that his new song Gentleman and other music he creates is for everyone. He hopes that the North Koreans will see his video and his music and make them laugh, that's his number one goal. With the way this world is with war and rumors of war, we need to have a more jolly approach to life and Psy is taking those measures to step out and reach to warring nations like North Korea and lighten the mood with laughter. Whether or not this works, I applaud Psy for his efforts and hope they succeed.

The future of entertainment

It's obvious that the world desires more of this king of entertainment because it's funny, mindless, and witty. People want to laugh and feel good and Psy delivers on all fronts with his music style and choreography. The music is very fun and has a great beat that can continually be listened to over and over. Where Gentleman will take Psy next I don't exactly know, but I know that Psy has been in this business for a long time so he's not concerned about people calling him a one hit wonder and his success is on Gangnam Style and Gentleman alone. He will continue to entertain and produce music for years to come and we look forward to the next song that comes from him down the road. If you want to find out more about Psy, Gentleman, or his products there are an abundance of resources available already.