Does Puerh Chinese Tea Really Help Lose Weight Quickly?

According to the Dr. Oz show, a fermented Asian tea called Pu-Erh tea may help lose weight quickly by shrinking those stubborn fat cells.  Apparently when you drink 2 cups every morning can help you shrink those stubborn fat cells.  Pu-Erh or Puerh tea is also naturally sweet so there is no need to add anything to it.  The fermented tea can be purchased from $30 to thousands of dollars depending on how long the tea has been left to ferment.  The longer the fermentation of the tea leaves, the more potent the tea. Women from all over the world look in magazines, watch television shows and listen to their favorite fitness personalities in order to find the best method to lose weight.  As usual, Dr. Oz brings you yet, another option.

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PuErh tea is not only great for weight loss,  it is also believed to help with digestions, blood circulation and helping with the signs of aging.

Where Can I Get The Authentic Pu-Erh Tea Cakes To Make The Weight Loss Tea As Covered on Dr. Oz.?

Since the tea is more potent when it is fermented, it is important that you get the right kind of tea.  Any tea marked Pu-Ehr from your local health food store is not going to cut it.  As stated above, it is a "fermented tea cake." Which means it is       meant to sit, age and ferment like cheese.  Instead of being loose or being in a tea bag, it comes in cake form.


Pu Erh Tea in Loose unfermented form

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Closer Inspection of the Loose Leaves

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Pu Erh Tea Fermented (Most potent)

1960's Guang Yun Beeng Cha Pu-erh Tea - 350g - High End Pu-erh TeasCredit:

Fermented Tea Cake Packaged

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This is Pu Erh in it's fermented form.  This particular Pu Ehr tea cake has been fermenting since 1960 which explains the $2100 price tag. Even though this seriously fermented tea is over $2000 you can get Pu Erh from trusted online retailers like at various stages of fermentation and at various price ranges. 

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Before you do run out and buy Pu Erh fermented tea to add to your weight loss program, know that there is not a lot of research out there about Pu Erh's weight loss effects. Although there is some research data printed about its effect on cholesterol levels in Australia, US and China.  As usual, you should always check with your doctor or health care practitioner before taking any supplements including this fermented weight loss tea.  This is especially true if you already have other illnesses or taking medication that could react adversely with herbs.

People who want to lose weight often want to try anything to see what will work for them.  Which is a smart thing to do is to experiment until you find the right weight loss program or the best weight loss program for you.  However, always use caution.  Although it may appear so, you didn't not gain weight overnight, so the road to losing the weight will take time and patience especially patience with yourself.


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