Use Government Seized Public Car Auctions To Find Cheap Cars

Aside from places like or eBay where you can get car for less that $1000, you can use public car auctions where government seized cars are made available to the public for sale.  Government car auctions have long been the accepted option for those who are looking for good working cars cheap.  In recent years, online auction sites like eBay and Bid4Assets as well as have taken the lead the whole public car auction arena.  Bid4Assets usually deals with cars seized by U.S Marshalls and auctioned off to the public.  With these new sites popping up all over the place, people often forget that the US government still holds public auctions to sell government seized cars.


Why Would People Want To Buy Government Seized Cars?

People go to public government seized car auctions for many reasons.  The most prevalent reason is that they can get good cars cheap. Many of these cars are luxury cars, however, if you need a car to go to work everyday you can easily pick up an ordinary cars for very little  money at government seized car auctions. Buyers of government seized cars would include regular individuals who need a good working car for everyday use, car collectors and people who own car lots who want to buy cars cheap and sell them again at a profit.  No matter how you look at it, people go to government car auctions to save money and get good deals that they would probably not be able to get elsewhere.


How Did These Cars Get Seized By The Government?

The government gets their cars in a number of ways.  They could be IRS seizures, non-tax payment seizure, crime or drug related seizures, property involving illegal immigrants and many other reasons.  When the government takes the property from the person, persons or business entity, they may need to sell the property to recover money or get rid of surplus property so that makes it a win win situation for the public to get these items for dirt cheap.  You may be uncomfortable buying a government seized home at a public auction because if it was just seized for non-payment of taxes and not criminal activities, you may still feel as if the original owners may want to retaliate in some way shape or form. However with things like computers, cars and jewelry, there is no chance of that because there is no way the original owners can know who purchased the government seized property.  So for those who may not feel comfortable purchasing government seized homes, they may be right at home purchasing government seized cars at public auctions.


Where Can I Find Government Seized Cars For Public Auctions Online?

Well, if you are looking for government seized cars, the place to look are government websites.  This way you know it's free.  There are some sites who will list properties for sale at public auctions such as government and police auctions, however, those sites may charge you monthly or weekly fees to keep up to date with auctions.  However, you can get most of that information on government sites whether you are looking for cheap land auctions, house auctions and of course government seized car auctions. Goverment Seized Public Car Auctions has a list of places where you can purchase government seized property including government/US Marshall seized cars online. With you can find the best quality cars, trucks, and vans owned by the government online.   You can also find other surplus items like trailers, motor scooters, machinery and farm equipment, artwork, sports equipment, US Marshall and court ordered forfeited assets and much more.  This is your one-stop location for government public auction property including government seized cars.


 General Service Administration (GSA) Government Seized Public Car Auctions

The GSA Fleet Vehicles Sale is government auction resource which offers you the chance to buy government seized cars, trucks, trailers, SUV's and other pre-owned vehicles with low mileage. It is a division of the Federal Government which offers quality options in pre-owned vehicles.  Many times, these vehicles have only had one previous owners so know that it hasn't been all over the map but well-maintained before you purchase it.  Before being put up for auction, the cars are carefully cleaned and detailed so when you get it, it is already in ready-to-drive condition.

 There are no fees associated with GSA public car auctions, no buyer's fees, no auction fees, no fees at all.  You have to register at the GSA facility who is sponsoring the car auction on the day of inspection so that you can obtain a bidder's number. You must be at least 18 years of age and have a valid driver's license in order to participate in the GSA Fleet Vehicle sale

Once you have won the auction, you can pay by cash, cashier's check, traveler's check, credit card, local government checks or purchase orders.  You have to make sure that you have all the funds after to you win the auction.  Unlike buy now pay later-no credit check catalogs, you can't use deferred billing when dealing with public government auctions.

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With the GSA, you can see if you can get on a list that keeps you updated when there are car auctions or other types of seized personal property auctions in your areas or close to you. In this day and time, people are looking for different ways they can get good deals for less and save money, government auctions are today and have always been a great way to get awesome deals for pennies on the dollar.  There are people who make going to government auctions in their area a hobby or like the used car salesman or those who may not have a car lot but do buy cars at auction and sell them to individuals for a profit, these people make going to government seized car auctions a regular activity. It could be a great way to make some extra cash to save or emergency cash when you need it.