Even though there is no college or university that can afford to make such a clear and appealing statement right on their application form, there are plenty of institutions who could in fact very well do so. The reason for it? Public relations degrees, especially graduate degrees, tend to be truly valuable, especially when they reach the hands of those truly witty people who know how to sell or promote even the dullest item the world has ever seen (or a not-so-popular pop singer, for that matter).
So how can you go to Hollywood AND work for a movie star? How can you go to New York or Chicago and make the best out of your education and innovative ideas?  By simply attending a master degree program in public relations or something of the like, such as new media, online public relations or corporate communication. If your high hopes are not really that high and you would also be very pleased to work for a large multinational corporation or company, you need to follow the same road.
There are plenty of choices to be made, and plenty of wonderful programs to enroll in. As long as you do a thorough research and are able to identify a great-looking program that can provide you with all the knowledge you need, and which can also offer you the chance to do a nice work-related internship and earn some experience, you should be on the right track.
You need to know that reaching Hollywood and working for Jude Law or Katherine Heigl is not an easy task; first of all, both of them are most likely working with some of the best PR specialists on the planet right now; secondly, because you need to actually know someone who knows someone who knows Katherine’s pool boy and can put in a good word for you; thirdly, because (should you be so lucky to actually get an interview) you need to sweep the talented blonde off her feet in about 2 minutes and make her see why she should fire her old PR (who, by the way, was doing a superb job) and hire you instead. If you are already rolling your eyes, you are probably not yet in the possession of an iron-like strategy that can pay off. So you see why getting your master’s degree in public relations seems to be quite a great idea, to say the least? You might have a couple of smart ideas, and you might think you could throw these celebs a hand, but without the right set of skills and knowledge and a bit of experience you could say you are pretty much lost in your dreams.
Your mentor should become Michael Levine, the founder of one of America’s most exquisite entertainment PR firms, LCO-Levine Communications Office, Inc. This God-like man has been in the business for 22 years and he was called "One of Hollywood's brightest and most respected executives" by U.S.A. Today. He represented Michael Jackson, Barbra Streisand, Demi Moore, Michael Fox, Cameron Diaz and many, many more.