Public Transportation in Los Angeles is usually through train, bus, and airplane. The increasing population in the city and congestion on public road make Los Angeles highways more prone to accidents.

Los Angeles Metro Rail transports approximately 289,647 commuters each day. It connects Los Angeles and various communities in Long Beach to South Pasadena. It has 70 stations with five transfer lines.

The Metrolink and Angeles Flight have become part of everyday life in the city. However, amidst the heritage and convenience that it gives to citizens, most tragic accidents have occurred on one of its rail road.

Los Angeles also has Metro Bus that has at least 18,500 stops with 189 lines, serving major routes throughout the city. It consists of Metro Local, Metro Rapid, and Metro Express buses.

Los Angeles International Airport serves at least 59,542,151 commuters yearly. It has routes on various regions in America and is an international port for Delta Air Lines. Also referred to as LAX, it is the busiest port in Los Angeles and features multiple airport system.

These common carriers in Los Angeles maintain a high standard in ensuring safety to all passengers. However, amidst advanced technology available for train, bus, and airplane in LA; accidents happen usually due to driver error, mechanical failure, and extreme weather condition.

If you are injured in a Public Transportation Accident, you can recover damages. One way is to file a Personal Injury lawsuit.

Personal Injury lawsuit allows you to prove the fault of the liable party, and receive compensation for your injuries and losses. It requires a formal litigation and representation of your case through a lawyer in court.

In proving the fault of the liable party, you will first have to establish that the person has a duty of care over you.

Public transportation vehicles have the responsibility to ensure the safety and welfare of passengers before loading, carrying, and sending off people to destinations.

The driver or pilot is liable for overseeing the safe operation, accurate weather information, and adequate inspection before, during, and after travel. Airline management can also be held liable for the maintenance schedule and compliance with government safety regulations.

After establishing the duty of care of liable party, you will have to show proof of the failure to fulfill such duty. Then, establish the causes of events leading to accident.

The last step is to prove that the accident resulted to your injuries. You may use photos from the accident scene, expert witness opinion/statements, and medical records to substantiate your case.

Consult with a personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles to help you file the lawsuit. Check the profile of an expert personal injury attorney at LinkedIn.