You work hard on your blog, and you've added Adsense, and maybe some other ways to monetize your blog, so that you can get paid for all the hard work you do on it. But you may not be aware that you can also publish your blog on the Amazon Kindle, and get paid for subscriptions, too! Most blog subscriptions on Kindle are $1.99 per month (some are $0.99), and you will receive thirty per cent royalties (approximately sixty cents, or thirty cents). Now that doesn't sound like a lot, but as part of your overall passive (or residual) income strategy, you will find that even a few readers will make a noticeable difference in your passive income! In addition, this is a great way to give your blog much higher visibility and drive traffic.

If you do not already accept advertising because this is a business blog, and its purpose is to drive more customers to your business, you can still use this as part of your passive or residual income strategy to spread the word and get more customers. If you have a product you sell on your blog, with the popularity of Kindle, you should see vastly increased sales, since Kindle readers have proven they will pay for online content! If you have an Amazon store, this should also increase traffic to your store and your Amazon affiliate links in your blog.

And so how would this affect your passive or residual income strategy? If my goal is to take fifty different sources of passive income, and make $1.00 a day from each, then each fifty subscriptions at $1.99 will meet my goal. Add to that increased revenue from your Amazon affiliate links and your Amazon store, and you should see your income increase. And with the respectability that comes from being published by Amazon, you will get precisely targeted traffic both to your blog and your affiliate links and Amazon store.

Things You Will Need

RSS feed
Checking or Savings account

Step 1

Head on over to Amazon's Kindle Publishing page.

Step 2

Create a new account. This cannot be associated with your Amazon Affiliate account or your other accounts at Amazon.

Step 3

Fill out the form. Amazon provides help on the right-hand side of the page, telling you how to find the information you need and what to put in each blank space.

Step 4

Click that you have read the Terms of Service and then the Save button.

Step 5

Then click the "Publish" button and you're all set!

This process will take about fifteen minutes. Blogs will typically take up to seventy-two hours for approval. I hope that you have found this information useful as part of your overall blog strategy for passive, residual income and wish you many, many subscribers! Please leave a comment below and let us know your experiences with Amazon's Kindle Publishing for blogs!

Tips & Warnings

Be patient on the process. Don't send multiple emails about the status of blog publishing, just wait until it is approved.
Read the Terms and Conditions of Service carefully to decide if this is right for your blog. You may want to check out the blogs Amazon already publishes to see if the blog you intend to publish on Kindle might become popular on Amazon. Remember that this is a binding legal agreement and Amazon has many more lawyers than you do.

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Just in case my explanation is too complicated for you, this little 11-page booklet will help you understand and complete the process.