Why Writers Should Consider Publishing To Kindle

Kindle Digital Publishing The Way In For Writers

As a writer I know you’re always looking for an opportunity to show your writings and make some money. Well publishing for Kindle gives you the chance to do both. Amazon puts your writing in front of millions of buyers, which gives you a chance to get plenty of sells. Isn’t that the dream of every writer? This is the new age of publishing, which makes it better then ever for authors.


A lot of you may remember how it was before digital publishing. Sending out your manuscript to publishing houses. Impatiently waiting to hear the verdict. Only to receive a letter weeks later telling you that your manuscript has been rejected. And then you start the whole process over again. Many writers have had their spirits broken through this process and gave up writing all together. The digital age changed the way people do a lot of things. Publishing and even reading books are a couple of them.


The digital age made it easier to be a self-publisher. You no longer have to spend a carload of money getting your book printed and distributed. You don’t have run around trying to convince storeowners to stock your book or give up space in your home to stockpile books you couldn’t unload. The digital age and publishing for Kindle has definitely made life much easier for writers of all kinds.


Okay, so there are a lot of e-book readers out there. So what makes Kindle self-publishing any better than the rest? Well, there are a few reasons. Kindle is the largest selling e-reader out there. It is also backed by Amazon, the largest and one of the most well-know online retailers on the Internet. Once you publish to Kindle, Amazon will list your document in its Kindle store for people to buy. And one last thing, any writings formatted for the Kindle can be read on other e-readers.


So as you can see with all it has to offer publishing for Kindle makes a lot of sense. I didn’t even mention the fact that Amazon does promotion for the book and allows you to set the price and your percentage.


This is a good time to be a writer. Never before has it been so easy to get your writing out to where millions can see it and have the opportunity to buy it. It’s a good time to think about publishing a book on Kindle.