People from Dublin claim that the best pubs in the world are to be found in their city. For sure pubs take a central place in the Irish society.

Many people from Dublin used to live in overcrowded districts and had little comfort. So, if people wanted to entertain friends or were keen to escape to somewhere warm and welcoming, the pub was for many people the best option.

The Temple Bar district in Dublin has the highest density of pubs anywhere in Dublin. You will find the Temple Bar district on the south bank of the Liffey River. The pubs in this historic, charming part of Dublin are always busy, no matter what time of the day it is. You will find however more tourists in these pubs than local Dubliners.

Opening hours

In general, pubs are open from 10:30 AM to 11:30 PM on Monday to Thursday. On Fridays and Saturdays the pubs stay open for an extra hour, while on Sundays they open at 12:30 PM and close at 11 PM. In recent years, some flexibility has been introduced into Ireland's licensing laws and it is now increasingly common for especially city-centre pubs to keep serving well after midnight.


Many of the traditional pubs don't have table service, so you will have to order your drinks at the bar. Tips are warmly welcomed by the staff of the pubs.


The prices vary per pub, but expect to pay around 5 euro for a pint of lager or stout. You will have to pay more for imported beers. The prices will be higher for cocktails, mixed-drinks and spirits.

Best Pubs in Dublin

Choosing the best pubs in Dublin is down to taste, but the pubs below are definitely worth a visit during your trip to Dublin:

The Brazen Head

This pub you can find at 20 Lower Bridge Street, opposite The Four Courts. The Brazen Head claims to be the oldest pub in Dublin and one of the oldest pubs in Europe, with a history going back to Viking Times. It is said that this pub is haunted by the ghost of Ireland's patriot Robert Emmet.


McDaid's is located at 3 Harry Street and one of Dublin's best known literary pubs. This small, but high-ceilinged place has a beautiful art deco interior. Since it is located close to the city center, this pub is quite crowded at most times with people dropping in for a drink.


You can find Mulligan's at 8 Poolbeg Street. This pub is generally accepted to be the home of 'the best pint in Dublin' poured by the experienced Mulligan's-staff. This pub grew into one establishment out of separate houses, is unaffected by fashion and has period interior.

The Long Stone

This popular pub at 10-11 Townsend Street is decorated in a Celtic- and Viking-style and usually frequented by a mixed crowd.

The International Bar

This pub is located at 23 Wicklow Street and has a famous carved bar. The International Bar offers stand-up comedy seven days a week.

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