Puerto Rico is the ideal vacation for the entire family because there is something for every age child and adult. One of the most outstanding facts about this great destination is that is does not require a passport. It is a United States commonwealth possession and therefore you are not leaving America when you go traveling to that paradise. So, pack your bags and read on so you fully enjoy Puerto Rico with my tips to help you enjoy the flavor of the subtropical land of wonder.

A bill is in congress now, to allow Puerto Rico to continue that commonweatlh, form an independence on their own or become a United State. Perhaps by the time you read this, Puerto Rico will be entirely different from what is has been for many years. It is every 8 years that the position of Puerto Rico can be reconsidered. 2010 is the year for that to again be offered into congress.

Over the past 10 years, great strides to make Puerto Rico a place where people can relax and also enjoy many sightseeing spots is now a reality. Your family will instantly be welcomed by the friendly and helpful people no matter where you stay. Hotel managers have done a splendid job at training their staff how to greet and make visitors feel right at home. If the greeter does not speak English, someone nearby does, so there is no need to learn Spanish when you visit Puerto Rico. Like any land, if you attempt some of the language they usually speak, they will be thrilled.

Motel rooms are spacious, nicely appointed, decorated superbly with a delicate flair and artistic talent. You have all the comforts of home while taking in the daily sights and sounds of the gifts Puerto Rico has to offer. All visitors get the royal treatment, so be ready to be awed by the service and attention you will receive.

Climate in this relaxed atmosphere is ideal all year long ranging around 75 degrees. There is never a better time to visit Puerto Rico than now. Ocean breezes sift through the air bringing the fragrance of flowers while hearing birds singing and the rustling of leaves from the tropical foliage complete the ambiance of this island of paradise.

The Island is 100 miles long by 35 miles wide with mountains, cliffs, flatlands and lots of beaches. Plan on photography delights as you hike, bike, travel by car or bus as you take in the many sightseeing spots and shopping options. Puerto Rico is one of many islands which might encourage a boat trip to tour the sea waters to enjoy the shores of many of the islands nearby.

Even though tourism is valued, the major of income is from manufacturing which might encourage you to tour some of the successful businesses while you learn about the culture of this land. History is abundant with settlers from the Ortoioid people depicted in ceremonial centers reconstructed to lend a step back in time. San Juan, the capital city, has an old and a new part; both reflecting the enchanting essence of the days of old and modern living.

Banking and computers have taken a giant hold on the island known as Puerto Rico creating a financial opportunity for many. With the mandatory education study being seriously taken followed with many attending college, it is no wonder there is an interest in monetary businesses in Puerto Rico.

Visit El Morro Castle to almost feel the past come alive while viewing the structure. Just as impressive is the Capitol building which is where legislative business is assembled, discussed and voted. Take some time to fully learn of the decorated Puerto Ricans in our armed forces fighting in all major wars when the draft was mandatory for the United States.

Sports of many venues are popular in all of Puerto Rico; the favorites being softball, baseball and soccer. With the backdrop of the pristine waters surrounding the island, golf is a treasured and well attended sporting event too.

If time will allow you to visit, see, be educated and be amused with the contents of museums, Parks and architectual buildings too. As you travel some roadways of San Juan stop along your daily journey to allow your senses to be pleased with viewing hibicus, flowering shrubs and sweet smelling air knowing you will remember your vacation time in Puerto Rico with a lovely reflection when you return home.