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Puerto Vallarta is a one of the places in Mexico that is a popular choice from among the Mexico resorts. It is located on the Pacific Coast of Mexico.

Beauty Meets the Beholder in Puerto Vallarta

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When you travel to Mexico and go to Puerto Vallarta on your Mexican holiday you will see beautiful beaches, green jungles, and fascinating waterfalls and even may catch a glimpse of some wildlife. There are also all inclusive vacation resorts with five star ratings to stay at during your Mexican vacation.

For those tourists who like to eat at great gourmet restaurants, there are also plenty of them on your trip to Mexico in Puerto Vallarta. There are also plenty of shopping areas in the downtown region and you may even get entertained by some local clowns or mimes while strolling down the street.

Puerto Vallarta residents are Friendly to Tourists

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Puerto Vallarta natives are usually quite happy to lend a hand to tourists and help you find someplace or give you some tips on where to eat or stay. The area is not your typical Mexico holiday tourist trap; it is actually a quaint Mexican city instead.

Just about everyone speaks English in Puerto Vallarta and it does get very crowded around the time of the Mexican holidays. For that reason it is probably one of the places in Mexico to try to go during the off season instead if you don’t like crowds.

How to Get to Puerto Vallarta

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It’s not hard to travel Mexico and get to Puerto Vallarta as most of the airlines in the U.S. have routes that will get you to the International airport nearby. One thing to take note of is that you must beware at the airport as to what kind of cab you use, as some are known scams and just want you to buy timeshares, so be aware of that when you travel to Mexico.

It is cheaper to just take a city bus to your Mexico hotels and you don’t even need to worry about having the right change as they can take $50 peso bills if need be.

 If you desire, you can get a private car to pick up at the airport and take you right to your pre-arranged Mexico hotels. If you have an all inclusive Mexican vacation check to see if the private car option is available for you.

You can even drive yourself if you wish as the roads to Puerto Vallarta are good roads, but there will be some tolls to pay along the way depending on where you come from.

What is there to do in Puerto Vallarta?

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Some vacation packages may include things to do on your trip. Some suggestions are a boat ride that is a day trip from the marina, or perhaps you would like to ride horses, or you can swim at the beach or go see one of the beautiful waterfalls. You are also sure to find some fun things to do with kids.