Poodle and Pug Mix Dog Breed Info & Guide

A Pugapoo puppy is what we call a crossbreed, designer dog or hybrid dog. They're loving and affectionate and can make a fantastic choice if you're looking for a new pet.

What is a Pugapoo?

A Pugapoo is a crossbreed, so it comes from two different purebreed parents. In this case the mix is between a Pug and a Poodle. Your puppy could be the offspring of two Pugapoos, but more likely it will be the puppy of one Pug parent and one Poodle parent.

What Should I Know About Designer Dogs?

There is one issue that you need to be aware of when buying a crossbreed dog, and that's that it can be very difficult to guess how your dog will turn out. With purebreeds strict breeding standards mean we can easily guess the future size and temperament of a dog. But because a crossbreed will inherit traits in different quantities from each of its parents it's much more difficult to say what the resulting dog will be like. Even sibling crossbreed dogs can be very different from each other. Therefore we can only give you general guidelines about the possible size and personality of your dog.

How Big Will My Pugapoo Get?

Pugs are fairly small dogs. They usually grow to only around 10 to 12 inches at the shoulder in height and between 14 and 18 pounds in weight. Poodles are much more variable, and can be anywhere from 10 to over 20 inches in height and weigh between 25 and 65 pounds.

The size of your Pugapoo is going to depend a lot on the size of his or her Poodle parent. Usually Pugapoos are small to medium sized dogs however, and it's quite rare to find one that reaches the maximum size and weight of a Poodle.

What is a Pugapoo's Coat Like?

Pugs are a smooth, short haired breed of dogs, whilst as you probably know a Poodle tends to have longer, thicker and curlier hair. The coat of a Pugapoo can vary greatly, but it's generally longer than that of a Pug and either straight or wavy. Generally Pugapoos don't have the very curly hair of a Poodle.

Are There Any Coat Concerns with a Pugapoo?

Depending on how long your Pugapoo's hair is you may need to visit a groomer for cutting, though not all Pugapoos require this. Their coats certainly need regular brushing and shampooing however, so they're not very low maintenance dogs.

What Will a Pugapoo's Personality Be Like?

Pugs are usually very affection and loyal, but can also be stubborn and have a lot of fight in them. They are not aggressive with people (usually just with other dogs) and are known to be good with children. Poodles are usually very trainable and faithful dogs, but they can also be a little highly strung. Your Pugapoo will probably be a milder version of all of these traits, and these dogs are usually highly affectionate, though they might get into the odd scrape with other dogs at the park!

How Much Exercise Does a Pugapoo Need?

This will depend on your dog's size. Smaller dogs will need walking once daily, but larger Pugapoos may need an extra run in the evening as well. Pugapoos need a moderate amount of exercise usually.

Do Pugapoos Have and Health Concerns?

Pugs have a tendency to get skin and eye problems, whilst Poodles have a tendency towards kidney problems. A cross between the two is going to be far healthier though, but it's possible that your Pugapoo may have skin, eye or kidney issues, so you'll need to watch for those things.

How Do I Know if a Pugapoo is Right for Me?

Pugapoos are usually good family dogs and are great with young children. They only need moderate amounts of exercise too. The best way to know if this breed is the right choice for you is to visit some. If you don't know anyone that owns a Pugapoo you can try asking local breeders if you can visit. Also you should check out online forums for Pugapoo owners so that you can get an idea of what it's like to live with a Pugapoo.