Before Pump It Up, birthday parties were held at home, where all of your friends and family would gather to celebrate your new year.  These were certainly fun, but I remember my mother being in a frantic mood as the birthday party grew closer.  If only glorious bounce house havens had been around, my mom's nerves could have relaxed as the party could have been held in a place that provides entertainment for the kids and takes the responsibility of organization away from the parents.  At Pump it Up, the parents simply rent the place out, and for the most part enjoy the party and talk to the guests.  The kids have fun, the adults have a good time, and everyone goes home happy.

What is Pump It Up?

As it's name suggests, this place is all about inflatable entertainment.  It features inflatable slides, bounce houses, obstacle courses, and more.  It is inside, which is great for the summer, and the set up allows for the kids to be able to run free and the parents to keep a watchful eye on the kids.

The staff does all of the work, from signing in the kids, to supervising the play time, to cutting the cake and passing out the pizza.  Parents, of course, can help out, but most of the work is done by the staff.

Safety First

The first thing that happens when you show up for a birthday party is you have to sign a waiver for the kids.  The adults do not have to sign a waiver, but they do have to sign in.  The waiver might give you pause, but the truth of the matter is that it would be very rare to have a serious injury in the play area.  I can see how some bumps and bruises could occur, but nothing that you wouldn't see at a regular park.

In addition to the waiver, kids are required to watch a safety video before entering the play area.  The video is about five minutes and explains how many people are allowed on each slide and in each bounce house.  More than anything, the video gives assurance that the company places the safety of its visitors above anything else.

The Play Area

After the video everyone is allowed into the bounce house area.  The play areas have enough inflatable slides, bounce houses, and obstacle courses to keep the kids occupied for the entire time they are there.  On my last visit it was good to see that the employees were keeping an eye on the activity, showing that the safety video wasn't just shown for liability reasons.

The play area also has good accommodations for the parents.  There is plenty of seating which allows the parents to comfortably enjoy conversation with each other while still watching the fun.

Kids Birthday Parties

For a birthday party the play time varies based on what package is purchased.  But once the play time is over, the group is moved to the party room for the cake, drinks, and opening of presents.  The employees that work the party room are very helpful with serving cake and picking up trash. 

Both birthday parties that I have attended have gone off without a hitch, at least from my guest perspective.  My child had a great time and was never bored.

Other Pump It Up Ideas

They are also is open for activities other than birthday parties.  They are available for field trips, team parties, fundraisers, and even corporate outings.  You can also just go to have some play time without a big group.

So if you're looking for a party idea that is fun for kids and keeps the parents entertained, give Pump It Up a try.

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