The original paintball gun, or the paintball marker as they're also known as, was the pump paintball gun. Pump paintball guns are similar to pump action shot guns. Every shot requires you to pump the paintball gun, then fire away. Pump paintball guns don't shoot a steady and consistent round of paintballs like the semi-auto and fully auto-matic paintball markers. The pump action is more of a throw back, and not commonly used as much anymore. There are a collection of pump paintball guns for sale online. Finding cheap pump paintball guns for sale is easy when you can shop on the internet. You can even find some pretty cheap pump paintball guns that are still high quality. You want a good paintball marker. Paintball guns can be a lot of fun and its a safe sport when the participants follow the rules and guidelines to paintball gun fights. If you scroll down I've listed some cheap pump paintball guns for sale to buy online.

Why Pump Paintball Guns are recommended

Pump paintballs allow you to really improve your accuracy and become a better shooter. A pump paintball gun will focus on each shot. So instead of just shooting a round of paintballs, you'll learn to become more accurate, precise, and savor each shot that you take. Pump paintballs guns require more skill and wits in the sport, rather than just firing a round of 15 paint balls per second. If you're just looking to have fun with paintballs, then maybe the semi-automatic or fully-automatic markers are more suitable. You might be at a disadvantage weapon wise when it comes to firing speed, but using pump paintball guns can help you become much better at the sport. Paint ball guns require a hopper, and a carbon dioxide tank in order to use painball guns. The hopper loads the paintballs, and the carbon dioxide allows the paintballs to fire through the barrel.

Pump Paintball Gun Safety

Pump paintball guns or any other paintball guns shouldn't be used as a toy. Pump paintball guns aren't for kids to play with. It's a sport and paintball guns can be dangerous. Never fire at someone within 20 feet or close up. Always wear a face mask and never fire at someone unguarded, unprepared, or anywhere near the face area. You should practic the safety guidelines. Only use paintball guns on a paintball field or at a paintball shooting range. Follow the rules since they're important for yourself and the members that you compete against. If you follow the guidelines, then it is safe for you and the participants.

Where to buy Tippmann Pump Paintball Guns for Sale

Tippmann makes popular paintball guns. They aren't exactly cheap pump paintball guns, but they still go for reasonable prices. The SL-68 isn't too big and is easy to carry. It features a 11 inch performance barrel. It's a two-handed gripped gun. A ribbed grip featured on the barrel of the gun, that allows you to pump the gun. The Tippmann paintball gun fits most hoppers. The barrel is aluminum. Features front and rear sling mounts and a built-in sight rail. It's an easy pump paint ball gun to carry, and highly recommended for beginners to use. It's safe, simple, and a very accurate gun. You can buy Tippman pump paintball guns for sale online at amazon,,, and Free shipping is included and its tax free at these online stores. Prices are in the upper $100 dollar range.

Where to buy Brass Eagle Pump Paintball Guns for Sale

Brass Eagle pump paintball guns are some of the cheaper products on the market. The Brass Eagle Blade Pump Paintball Gun looks more like a water gun. However, if you're really looking for really cheap paintball guns, then it only costs about $25 dollars online at You can buy the Talon Ghost gun for a cheap price as well. You can buy Brass Eagle Talon Ghost pump paintball guns for sale at They are smaller pump paintball guns, and they're handguns. The Talon Ghost pump action gun features 10 CO2 cylinders, a safety plug, pump-action paintball marker, and a vertical grip frame. It's a double pump gun. You can buy a slightly more expensive version of the Talon Ghost pump gun, known as the Brass Eagle Stealth Talon Ghost paintball gun. It uses 12 gram CO2 cartridges and comes with a 10 round feed tube. It's a better paintball gun, and is on sale at

Where to buy WGP Pump Paintball Guns for Sale

WGP 2004 SuperStock Paintball Pump Guns aren't as expensive as some high quality pump paintball guns, but they'll still cost you over $100 dollars. These are some of the cheaper WGP markers online. WGP makes quality products and you won't find too many of their products going for low prices. The pump marker features a 45 inch frame that features 45 dual finger hinge, 14 inch barrel, adjustable inline regulator, and a hooptie pump kit. It's a really nice paintball marker. It's a sniper marker that can really help improve your accuracy and efficiency. It's very easy to pump and fire. All paintball markers can enjoy this gun. It comes in different colors online, red or gray. The WGP 2004 SuperStock Paintball Pump can be bought online at

Where to buy CCM Pump Paintball Guns for Sale

If you really want to go all out, and spend money on a really nice paintball marker, then you can't do much better than the CCM Series 6 Pump Gun, which is CCM's lasted pump gun out on the market. The CCM pump comes with an auto trigger, and a 12 inch barrel. The Series 6 is made from 6061 aluminum. You have the option to choose the color of your choice for the hand grips and pump handles. Air source adaptors and micro lines are included with purchase. The pump paintball gun is going as high as $575 dollars online. If you purchase the dust black online at compulsive paintball, then it only costs $500 dollars.