Make a Halloween statement by adding some pumpkin lights to your home decor. Pumpkin lights come in many shapes and designs, but no matter the type, they add a festive flavor sure to charm your guests at your Halloween party or your neighborhood children as they reach your front door. Read on to discover some of the varieties available and where you can buy these Halloween decorations for yourself.

Pumpkin Light Varieties

There are many varieties of these Halloween lights available on the market today. Below are four of the most popular which are sure to inspire the ghoul in everyone. They'll definitely help make your Halloween night a memorable one:

Jack-O'-Lantern With Tea Lightspumpkin tea lights

Making a  jack-o'-lantern is a Halloween tradition and still one of the most fun activities to do with the kids with the proper supervision.  When you've carved your own pumpkin head, be ready with some tea lights to bring it to life. You can use either wax tea lights or battery-powered or rechargeable LED candles. LED lights have the benefit that they won't burn the interior of your pumpkin, and with many brands, you can even set them to flicker like a natural candle. Either way, to get the right amount of light, be ready with a few candles if you've got a big pumpkin head and an intricate design.

Pumpkin String Lightspumpkin string lights(112446)

Perfect for your Halloween party or your front porch, these LED string lights add a fun and festive feel to your home. You can find them as AC-powered cords or as battery-powered lights similar to battery fairy lights that can be placed in nearly any location in your home or throughout your yard. These battery varieties are excellent for decorating your mailbox at the end of a long driveway or throughout the trees on your walkway.  Like the LED tea lights, many varieties of pumpkin string lights have flicker settings to add to the ambiance.

pumpkin paper lanternsPumpkin Paper Lanterns And Fabric Lanterns

You can find many cheap paper lanterns shaped like frighteningly fun  jack-o'-lantern heads. These paper and fabric lanterns typically use LED lights to brighten the scene, and as they are normally bigger than string lights, they add a lot of depth to your Halloween decor. They can be strung along a wire or clustered together at various heights to fill up a corner with Halloween cheer.

Pumpkin Porch Light Coverspumpkin porch light covers

These Halloween decorations are sort of like a mask for your porch light. They slip over top of the light to give your front entryway a fun and frightening feel. These covers are very malleable, so they'll fit over many different sizes of porch lights. Be careful, though, this product cannot double as a pumpkin mask. It doesn't have breathing holes, so it's not safe for that purpose. Keep them away from young children.

The Price And Where To Buy Pumpkin Lights

You can find pumpkin lights ranging from $5 to $30, so they are really a budget friendly piece of Halloween decor. There's a big selection of pumpkin lights of all types at You can stock up year-round and find great deals in the process. As the holiday approaches, you'll also find pumpkin lights at your local party store, as well as a smaller selection at your local Walmart, Target, or other department store.

Pumpkin lights can help turn your home into one of the highlights of the Halloween night for your guests and your neighborhood children, so pick some up today. You can use them year after year to make the holiday a memorable one.