This recipe will show you how to transform a "poor" ingredient, such as the pumpkin, into a gourmet soup!

This is a very simple, yet delicious recipe for a great pumpkin soup. The first time I made it was also the first time I tasted pumpkins, as, in my family, we never ate them. Where I come from, pumpkins are considered a poor food, normally eaten by peasants when there was nothing better. Given this reputation, it was a leap of faith for me to try preparing the soup!

A personal recommendation: unless you have a better use for it, you can use the flesh of the pumpkins you'd normally carve for Hallowee'n. I know several people who used to throw the pumpkin flesh away because they didn't know what to do with it. Now that they tried this recipe, they keep it all!



  • 550 g of Pumpkin
  • 350 g of Carrots
  • One Potato
  • 2 Shallots (or a small onion)
  • Half teaspoon of Cinnamon Powder
  • Olive Oil
  • Vegetable Stock
  • Salt
  • A small branch of Rosemary


  • Cut open a medium size pumpkin. Collect and discard the seeds and the jelly around them.
  • Scoop out the flesh from the pumpkin. Try to take small scoops; it will take longer, but it will be easier to cook them.
  • Peel the potato, and cut it in small chunks.
  • Peel the carrots, and cut them in thick slices.
  • Pour three tablespoons of olive oil in a deep pot, throw in the chopped shallots/onion and fry for about until 5 minutes, until soft.
  • Add the carrots, the potatoes, the pumpkin, the half tablespoon of cinnamon powder and cook on medium-low heat, for another 5 minutes. Keep stirring to mix all ingredients and to prevent the vegetables from sticking to the bottom of the pot.
  • Add just enough vegetable stock to cover the vegetables. Keep some aside, just in case.
  • Cover the pot and let the soup simmer for about 30-40 minutes. Mix the soup and check the pumpkin from time to time, to make sure it became soft.
  • With an immersion blender, blend the soup to make it creamy.
  • Add the branch of Rosemary. If you don't like to find rosemary needles in your soup, you can tie the branch using a clean, white cotton thread (don't use colored ones, as they can lose the color in the soup!).
  • Let it simmer another 10 minutes, stirring it from time to time.
  • Adjust with salt, and it's ready to serve. Hearthy, warming and delicious!

Pumpkin Soup with Rosemary and Cinnamon