Pumpkin and Gourd Decorating Ideas

Pumpkin and Gourd Decorations for Fall

Pumpkin decorating is one of the staples of Halloween, the fall season, or autumn (whichever you prefer to celebrate). There are many who also decorate gourds for fall. For years, simply carving a pumpkin was standard Halloween but as times went on people started coming up with more creative pumpkin decorating ideas. For those who hate the slime and grime of reaching inside the pumpkin to get at its insides or harvest the delicious pumpkin seeds for roasting, there are other gourd and pumpkin decorating ideas that allow you to keep your hands gourd-guts dry.

Instead of cutting and carving the pumpkins you can use them as Thanksgiving decorations. An uncut pumpkin will last up to two months so you can buy pumpkins on sale right before or after Halloween then decorate them. Decorating them is only one thing that people love to do with gourds and pumpkins during the fall season. Some cook and make jams. Others make fall decorations using pumpkins and gourds inside and outside of your home.

Pumpkins stand for fall and the changing seasons as well as Halloween. You can use gourds and pumpkins as Thanksgiving decorations and jack-o-lanterns. Many people like to create Thanksgiving centerpieces and some of these designs can be perfectly used as a fall harvest decoration.

Easy Pumpkin and Gourd Decorating Ideas:

Fall Decorating Idea: Painting Pumpkins and Gourds

Painting pumpkins and gourds as decoration is increasing popular. It is also fun for kids to do and much safer than trying to carve a pumpkin. To paint a pumpkin you'll want to set up a good place to do it. Lay down plastic on the table and the floor, especially if you are doing this with kids. Use as much spill precaution as the decorating situation requires. Before you start to decorate the pumpkin wash it off really good and let it dry. You do the same process for setting up to paint gourds. Wash the gourd the same as the pumpkin. To make sure that all fungus is off of the gourds and pumpkins make a light bleach water mixture. Just add a very small amount of bleach to a spray bottle, spray clean, and then you are prepared to make gourd decorations.

When making decorations by painting use flat acrylic paint on the pumpkins or gourds . You can buy this type of paint at a local craft store or online. You can either paint the pumpkins different colors and leave them solid, zebra striped, tiger striped, or spotted depending on what you like and want around the house. If you think it is awesome to have Pilgrims, leaves, turkeys, or any other type of painted pumpkin and gourd decoration then go for it. Making these decorations is all about being creative and adding a personal touch to your home during the fall season. Your kids can decorate pumpkins or they may choose to decorate gourds.

The main difference between decorating pumpkins and gourds is the surface space. The pumpkins are typically larger than a gourd. Gourds will last a lot longer than pumpkins. The decorated gourds can last for months. You can make gourd decorations as Christmas gifts. The limits to what you can do with gourds decorations are those you put on yourself.

Paint the pumpkin or gourd a background color, for example white. After painting let them dry for about 20 minutes or so before you apply any stencils or a template on top of the painted gourd. You can print pumpkin templates off of the internet or just make up your own. There are great template discounts at Michaels or JoAnne Fabrics where you can get paint brushes and cool stencils, too.

Remember just because you are decorating a pumpkin doesn't mean you have to stick with pumpkin themes. If you don't cut the pumpkin open it will last through Christmas. Decorations made out of pumpkins are unique. If you are going to paint these to use as Thanksgiving decorations like a Thanksgiving centerpiece make a design that fits you. Use personalized gourds for special for Thanksgiving and Christmas decorations. By decorating gourds you can make a great Thanksgiving table decoration or even use them for party decor.

Unique Thanksgiving Decoration for Gratitude

Not everyone who makes Thanksgiving dinner and gathers to celebrate is with their biological family. If you are celebrating Thanksgiving with friends at a dinner try this unique gourd decoration and expression of gratitude. Using the above instructions paint a gourd. Let it dry. Use a small black pen that is thick enough to show up on the gourd (or a paint brush if that works better for you). On the crown or underside of the gourd write the person's name. One the front of the gourd write 1-2 sentences about the person. Use this gourd to help you express gratitude and thank your friend for what you appreciate most about them. You can say that you appreciate that someone validates you or always makes you laugh. When others get affirmations about themselves it makes them feel good. Now that sounds like a multipurpose gourd!

Pumpkin and Gourd Decorating Ideas: Sprinkle Decorations

Use a white glue like Elmer's glue on one part of the pumpkin. Apply it with a paintbrush. Depending on the template you are using you can either cover the entire pumpkin or just parts of it. With the glue still wet you need to sprinkle the sprinkles and sparkles over the glue. Some of them will adhere to the glue and the rest will drop off onto the paper you have laid out underneath. Repeat this process as many times as necessary until you have a fully decorated pumpkin. By using this technique you can make all different colors and looks for your decorated pumpkins and gourds. You can paint the pumpkins or gourds first and then add sparkles for effect.

Using gourd decorating ideas you can express your creativity. Even if you don't think you are creative you can follow a template. Adding some fall decorations to the home makes it feel more seasonal. If you are not much of a decorator then you can simply try hanging holiday lights.

Save Money on Pumpkin Templates, Stencils, and Other Fall Decorations

If you want to save the most money on any decorations for pumpkins then go shopping after Halloween. The same goes for buying pumpkins. The stores discount pumpkins so get them on sale to make fall decorations. Although you can make decorations out of pumpkins and other gourds for Thanksgiving and as fall decorations get the pumpkin templates on sale after the holiday. This is the best time to buy your decorating supplies for next year, too. If you are new at decorating and painting gourds and pumpkins and using templates then getting them cheap after the holiday is a good idea. You can practice, make some cool Thanksgiving decorations, paint some fall decorative pumpkins for the porch, and hold on to your decorating tools for next year.

Extra Tip on Drying Gourds: For those of you who are drying gourds you can use them as decorations while they are drying out (depending on your final decoration idea). It takes around six months for small gourds to dry and can take almost a year for big ones. A lot of folks use gourds to make birdhouses. Gourd birdhouses are weather-resistant and easy to make. You will know the gourd is dry when you can shake it and the seeds rattle.

Happy fall decorating!