Adding winter squashes, pumpkins, and gourds to your Thanksgiving display is a great way to add a classic, seasonal look.  You can use this Thanksgiving harvest décor in both indoor and outdoor harvest displays. 


There are many options you may consider of pumpkin, winter squash and gourd types to include in your displays.  Below is a brief listing of varieties that have become more available in recent years.


Pumpkins and Winter Squashes:

Orange field pumpkin types: These varieties are the classic orange pumpkin types with color from light to darker orange and some with deeper ribbing.  This type of pumpkin ranges on average from a few pounds up to 30 lbs or more.

Blue Hubbard Squash: This variety is not only a great baking variety, but also a beautiful blue winter squash with deep ribbing and a tapered blossom and stem end that makes an impressive statement.

Long Island Cheese Pumpkin: This is a tan colored pumpkin, with very sweet flesh that makes a great addition to any display of harvest decor.

Cinderella Pumpkin (Rouge Vif D’ Etampes): This brilliant red variety pumpkin has a flattened shape with firm ribbing and can be found at just a few pounds up to 20 lbs or more.

Green Striped Cushaw Squash: This curved and tapered squash is white in color with green stripping that will make a unique addition to any harvest display.

Fairytale Pumpkin (Musque De Provence): This very dense, heavily ribbed, flattened in shape pumpkin with very sweet flesh for baking can found as heavy as 25 lbs, and often appears in colors of deep tan, dark green, sometimes even exhibit a somewhat purple color.


Large and Miniature Gourds:

Speckled Swan Gourds: When still green, these hard shell gourds are a deep green color with stripes of white and light green and have the shape of a swan or goose.

Birdhouse Gourds: This hard shell gourd just off the vine can have color that is light to dark green and maybe with or without stripes of white or light green and have a shape that is tapered somewhat like a pear, resemble that of a speckled swan gourd, or that of a different shape (cross pollination happens very readily between hard shell gourds resulting in various shapes).

Apple Gourds: This hard shell gourd has the shape of a large apple and is dark green in color with white or light green stripes in it and makes a nice and unusual addition to your display.

Jack B Little Miniature Gourds: This small gourd looks like and with all respects is a miniature orange pumpkin and is often less than a pound in weight and adds a classic look to table top décor.

Ornamental Gourds:  These small ornamental variety gourds come in a wide variety of colors, including white, all different shades of orange, yellow, and green and often times a single gourd will exhibit multiple colors.  These types of gourds vary greatly in size and shape with some being more smooth or very bumpy, some rounded, curved, appear to have fins, etc. or any combination thereof.  This miniature gourd type offers an exciting and colorful element to include in your display that will really catch attention.


Display Variety:

With such a variety to choose from, you can mix and match the different shapes, sizes, and colors to create a decorative and welcoming Thanksgiving display.  The options you have are unlimited with how you use the winter squashes, pumpkins, and gourds in your Thanksgiving decor.


In the Resource section below are links to seed catalogues (that you can search through) that feature pictures with additional information about these listed pumpkin, winter squash, and gourd varieties so you can easily identify them, as well as many other types you may consider for harvest décor in your Thanksgiving display.


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