Using a Puplight is a great way to add another layer of security for those late night dog walks.

Depending on where you live, it can get dark quite early.  I know in Ontario in the dead of winter it is dark at 5pm!  My dog still needs to go out after dinner and before bed.  So that is two nighttime walks.

So, chances are that unless you have a massive backyard to simply let them out, you are going to need to walk them around the neighbourhood.  The problem is that cars just can’t see your pet.

I see dog walkers in my neighbourhood that wear the reflective vests over their jackets and even stripes on their pants and that is great for you, but what about your pet?

Best Dog Safety Light

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If you find yourself walking your dog on the side of a road even for a short distance, the driver may see your reflective jacket or vest but unless you have your pet very close to your side, they may not see the him/her and there have been some tragic accidents.

Dog Will Light Your Path

This is where a Puplight dog safety light would really work out well.  You simply turn it on and place it around their neck and they will light the way for you.  The light is quite powerful and it beams straight ahead and doesn’t bother their eyes.  It is totally adjustable and the batteries last a long time in all kinds of weather.  A driver has a better chance of seeing a dog if they are wearing a light. 

It is like carrying a flashlight around your neck.  You can also get reflective vests for your pet, but not all dogs like to wear them, so at least you can have your path and your pet lit up with this puplight.

More Confidence for the Night Walk

When you can see where you are going, especially in an area that does not have street lights, or very few, you will gain the confidence to go a little further as your pet will light the way.  So, don’t let a dark sky shorten your walks.  Now you can see where you are going and cars have a better chance of seeing you.  This is a great idea.

Puplight Dog Safety Light Red

Backyard Runs

If you do like to let your dogs out in the yard, you could still put these lights around their neck so you know where they are.  No more hiding in the gardens.  Now you can see where they are instead of searching and hollering for them.

It will also tend to clear the path of any smaller critters that you don’t want your dog to say hello to!  Such as skunks, since the puplight dog safety light lights up the path for a good distance ahead you will see quickly if there are any lurking skunks!  Most will turn away from the light.

This way you are ready for any sudden movements that might get your dog into chase mode on those nighttime walks.  

You can get these in large pet supply stores but you can also get them online at sites such as Amazon.

Taking care of your pet's health is as important as keeping them safe.  Learn to brush their teeth as part of an overal health care program.